How Microsoft spies on You
I am writing this because I am MAD about what I found out on my computer!

Yesterday, I did some more looking into the inner workings of my computer* and I am posting this here so the entire world will know that Microsoft is snooping on you if you have Microsoft software on your computer. Here is what I found on my computer:

In the advanced settings of the Microsoft firewall, I saw that the Remote Management by the "network" *[network is undefined and unknown to me since my computer is not networked, or if it is those who networked it illegally would be hackers and spies] settings were enabled  to manage/control my computer with  the illegal network set up by Microsoft these components of my computer:

the firewall

the printer

views of my desktop

computer management

my browser

my files

my writings and uploading of anything

and also enabled was the 'wireless" though I have never owned a wireless [laptop] computer and do not intend too, and the wired was disabled [unchecked] even though I have a wired PC. 

Also I discovered that my computer was programmed to boot from a distance using bootable cards that are not owned by me but by whom?? And that my computer if I was not unplugging it was being booted surreptiously by someone in a distant location. Distant as in not living with me or in any way associated with me i.e. not with my permission. I do not count hackers, thieves and spies as being associated with me!

The views of my desktop were enabled in several of the computer management files [named as a question: allow to interact with your desktop? and there was a check -mark there] though I have repeatedly removed that  check-mark that enabled anyone other than me to see my desktop.  Also there was a checkmark to  set my "network" to public access even though I am a private citizen who owns this computer and the works that it produces and I have repeatedly corrected that also for nearly a year.  

Also I noticed that files that I created were being stolen off my desktop and that images of my original paintings that I was sending to my websites were being stolen en route! I have already complained about this repeatedly and to the Denver Police cybercrime, the FBI and the US Dept of Justice because my images of my paintings are copyrighted works and belong to me.  [Not to worry-- my paintings and photos are ALWAYS decent and may be viewed by anyone on the websites but not on my desktop!] 

Also there is more: the Microsoft internet explorer browser 7 automatically unsets the warning that would warn you if you have entered an unsecure zone or if an unsecured zone is trying to add cookies to your computer to spy on you; and also routinely does not tell the computer to NOT save your encrypted files to a disc [that would prevent encrypted info from being accessed by hackers or it would help!] , nor does it routinely check the box in Advanced Options telling the computer to show encoded addresses; but  it does routinely check these items: telling your computer to 'listen' to you, to auto-save your passwords, your info such as name and "form info" to "fill in for those who query it" , and to save your passwords, your download history for the past 20 days; and IF that were not enough to infuriate you, it also adds to your "intranet" any one it likes and then tells the computer that the hacker has access to your computer. I have reset most of these every time I am on my computer and then the next time I reboot they are back to the spy settings again. Also there are websites that make you think that they are from an internet provider company such as Yahoo or earthlink that are spies and that when you access them by mistake they unset your privacy settings and set your computer to give them info about you. This spying is a known and published fact but it is usually called "hacking"  but I am telling you if it is hacking, it is hacking by illegal use of government equipment and authority because I have firewalls supposedly, and anti-virus and even particular types of software to prevent this kind of thing. I am certain that Hillary's Hackers and also that vile Ted Kennedy spied on me via my computer and I am certain that they abused their Senate powers to do that. The reason I am certain of this is because when I oppose either of those vile characters by name, then some event happens to my computer to crash it or disrupt it, or destroy files or make it somehow inaccessible to me the owner of this computer. It is an ongoing pattern of hacking, spying into my computer and I am very tired of it! And I am posting this page here so every one in the entire world knows how to set the settings to help protect yourself. It is not a foolproof system; in other words, you have to reset them frequently since the government paid hackers are on the job 24/7.  Therefore every time you sign into your computer look at the settings I have mentioned and see if how they are set and if they are set to allow unknown access to your files then reset them. Also I discovered that McAfee has access to your desktop [and mine too except that I try to stop them]. That is another routine setting.

Remember that Big Brother government is not in the interest of private citizens with the liberty of freedom of press, speech and religion and it has proved itself to be NOT in the best interest of prolifers or Christians for certain. Consider this my warning to be warned that Microsoft computer software routinely spies on you and do all possible to protect yourself.

*I have some training in computer programming and developer status in these ways:

I started in the M.I.S program at the University of GA; but finished in the 

business management with a degree and am also a  Registered Nurse.

I took some Computer seminars.

I was invited to a Microsoft developer's seminar in 2005 { not sure of year, it could have been 2004} and I attended.

I teach myself programming with instruction books.

I work at it for the sake of the Kingdom of GOD, [publishing the Bible Scriptures and the prolife message] because I cannot afford to pay someone to program for me, and I am not quitting this "work" [missions].

Also note to whomever sent me the smut emails,I forwarded them to the US Dept of Justice cybercrime unit.

Today's date is 6-June-2008 at 8:16 am.

signed gloria poole a/k/a extensively on the web as 'gloriapoole'.

Also, I repeat so you comprehend this message: to whomever sent those smut emails to me, I forwarded them to the US Dept of Justice for them to investigate. Do NOT send your smut emails or images to me! 

You may see some of my paintings that were stolen from my desktop but I resent at these websites by clicking the links there: 

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