The mission of Life.TV

is to teach the people of the world that having babies is the right thing to do since God said to be "fruitful and multiply and  replenish the earth and subdue it." Genesis 1:27-28.

It is written : " I will praise Thee { O LORD} for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Thy works and that my soul knoweth right well." Psalms 139:14, King James Holy Bible 

Human embryo in amniotic sac medical photo by Gloria Poole,RN,artist

new mother oil painting by Gloria Poole in Missouri

Above you see an oil painting that I , Gloria Poole, painted in year 2012 when my niece in GA was having a baby. I realized later that I painted her new born as big as a toddler! Oops. Painting as artist is never ending in acquiring skills to paint people. This is not a painting of my actual niece, but this is a pretend woman and baby to mark the occasion. This is oil on canvas and I have the original painting. Copyrighted. See https://mini-exhibition.blogspot.com for copyright info and details about me; and or https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com.

Much of this site is about documenting censorship attempts of those who abuse power and who hack into, break into internet accounts trying to suppress the freedom of speech of those who oppose killing of innocents in the womb and or who oppose sodomy and lesbianism behaviors as sin. Many of my Christian websites were taken down last year by a sodomite working for 1&1.com which is a hosting company in Pennsylvania who told me he was taking them down after taking my money until I apologized for opposing sodomy. And he continued to withdraw money from my account for four months after they tried to steal my intellectual properties of my paintings, websites, photos, and poems that all were created by me ,owned by me and put on websites by me paid for by me; and continued those illegal behaviours until I contacted the FBI about their fraud and theft.  I tell you this, I will NEVER apologize to perverts for publishing the words of GOD that calls them abomination in Leviticus 18:22 and in Romans chapter one of the Holy Bible where it says they are 'worthy of death."  I will NEVER apologize to the wicked for believing GOD's words to be true or for publishing them, or speaking them. 

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https://sites.google.com/site/PooleGloria [cartoons for children but adults can see them too; very simple cartoons]

https://lifes-entertainment.blogspot.com [which is mostly about #music #festivals and I, Gloria, update it intermittently ]

https://sites.google.com/site/cartoonsbyGloria [ another site for me to post simple cartoons I draw too. Cartoons are not religious nor political. 

https://mini-exhibition.blogspot.com; updated today 6th March 2017  by me Gloria


" A tune and a tear" written by Gloria Poole, RN, artist :http://tapestry-of-life-llp.blogspot.com/2010/04/tune-and-tear-poem-by-gloria-poolernfor.html

My Memorial Day tribute I wrote for veterans in 2011: https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com/2011/05/memorial-day-for-veterans-preborn.html


https://sites.google.com/site/newsforlife2/[ Multilingual scriptures} <p>

Some of my just for fun sites, copy and paste url into web browser. I don't link all sites for purposes of search engine optimization. : <p>

One of my online albums that includes much of the art I made and photos I photographed: <p>


https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=c639f79db1f3cd87%21145 includes some of my photos of the Rockies & military planes that I photographed. <p>

See each blog if you want to see all art I create and post to the web. I have also painted about 35 oil paintings in a series that I named "ethnic series" and many other oil paintings also. I seriously work at improving my skills as an artist hoping to some day make money at it. I am not a not-for-profit and not an employee of anyone. FYI. See the about me page on https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com for more info. 


Socialism Attempt Failed Today* in the US House of Representatives and Thank GOD. Read more! 

Television either works for you or against you. It either reinforces your family's beliefs or it destroys them. It is a powerful form of communication; what the Bible would call a "two-edged sword" because the same "sword" that has the potential to  save you in a dangerous situation has the potential to destroy you  if in the wrong hands. 

The concept of Life.TV  website which is a spin-off from a former TV show I had about the issues of life is to promote the cause of human life. Let me detail those for you:

There is no such thing as a "right to kill innocents" in the US; therefore abortion is a homicide.

Those women who do not want children are much less likely to ever marry.

The couples who do not have children, will die off the earth eventually and have no legacy.

The prodeathers will cease to exist while the prolifers reproduce themselves .

Men who are smart have become afraid of women who demand the "right" to kill those unwanted because husbands have intermittent spells of being "unwanted" --huge risk if a woman believes she may kill the "unwanted." 

The nation that legalizes the killing of its future generations in the wombs  has no future. 

Many "first world" nations are not replacing their populations and are depopulating leading to decline and self-annihilation particularly Japan, Europe in general, especially Italy, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S.

Stupidity and wickedness of Legislators is the cause of all these problems. 

My Open Letter to Leaders of the World, who have TV influence and persona, particularly the black races who are being targeted by the number one killing and terrorist organization in the world, named Planned Parenthood may be read via this link.

 There are other more comprehensive websites on the topic of the cause of  life for all humans and for the purpose of ending the killing of innocents as a "right." Search my name for more info. 

 Note: government hackers and censors prevent the uploader for photos from uploading photos right side up. All the images on my personal disc have been flipped by the illegal network that hacks into my work routinely; but I write all instances of illegal hacking effects as documentation.Including the fact that even now the same script that inverted my photos is attempting to prevent me from typing on keyboard. This paragraph will be more evidence for the feds when they find out who is hacking my work. signed gloria

For more on the subject of censorship visit these links :


How Microsoft spies on you

Opposing prior restraint of free speech by Microsoft at http://LIFE.TV.googlepages.com/opposingpriorrestraintofwordsbymicrosoft/

Update on 9-Dec-2013: all of my paid for domains were stolen from me in yr 2011 after a person tried to run over me in the intersection in Missouri; and that person described by Police Officer making report as a " woman"  turned left on red in broad daylight to drive right into me in the cross walk. I am documenting these events in several places. 

Open Letter to Black Leaders at http://LIFE.TV.googlepages.com/openlettertoblackleadersoftheworld/

Update: all domains that I bought and paid for and created content for were stolen from me by thieves using info they stole from me to break into my emails and web-hosting accounts. Save paragraph for documentation: My journal about being a mother and grandmother that wordpress tried to censor: http://blog.children-are-blessings.info. These websites of lifemedia-publishing are down since May 2, 2009 secondary to attempted theft of my name and identity and actual theft of $370 by one of their paid staffers. I have contacted the law enforcement entities that have jurisdiction over financial fraud, theft and cybercrime about this, and I hope to have all of my websites back on the web soon. I am leaving them on this page as documentation that they belong to me and only to me.

My journal about the name of Life Media & Publishing LLP registered to me and owned by me that wordpress tried to censor: http://lifemedia-publishing.name.  {Site is down because of identity theft and fraud, and theft by 1and1.com of Pennsylvania and their accomplices in Denver.]

Read the pages Socialism Attempt Failed at http://LIFE.TV.googlepages.com/socialismattemptfailed/


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It's all about ending abortion or Words of Life if link is absent or broken;

words that WORK, LLP®; official blog 

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Leaving for legal documentation: [this site was down because of a criminal using his inside knowledge of my paid for account to try to steal my name, identity, LLP and websites and who did steal $370 from me; but I have contacted law enforcement and plan to have my websites back on line soon.]

Protest Page of Government Hackers or at http://gloriapoole1.googlepages.com if link is absent or broken;

Press Page for "gloriapoole" or at gloriapoole-paintings if link is absent or broken;

Prolife Commentary by Prolife Nurse [this website is down because of attempted theft of my identity and name and websites on May 2,2009; I have contacted law enforcement.] Update 4 June 2014: I did get this blog back and it's at https://prolife-nurse.blogspot.com

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Note: I am aware this is a veery chaotic site. It includes documentation of the disorganized state of my brain after a vehicle tried to kill me in June 2011. I leave it this way on purpose. [added 6th March 2017 at 9:11am by me Gloria.]