Pranav S. Joshi


The poem is published in a poetry volume, "Collected Whispers", shown below.




Behind a cultural cage, a bleeding gaze goes on
dancing in processed, liquid light that can't be seen,
can't be described using colours of voices and questions
in a furniture-memory that remain unshared
in the purity of principles if, if it really exists in
uncluttered clays and sticks
of love and unemitted smiles.


A heart is available for recruitment
beating an empty muscle, educated and caged
by painted, imagined eyes borrowed from an invalid
social head-hunter, camouflaged, skilled, wanting
to shore up infrastructure of other hearts, to shake
the dreams and the bars
to awaken a counsellor of inner-grief.

Designers of diversity, whispering to an unfinished
poem that begins, that ends in the recruitment of heart

sequestering secrets from a burning landscape
fast spreading across the cages of whites, the
blacks, the reds, the yellows, the browns, the dead.


Copyright ©2009  Pranav S. Joshi



Following are some other poems from my poetry collection. Hope you'll enjoy reading them.

Relax and have a go!

- Pranav Joshi




Empty walls, empty wallet and empty heart

Stale air, scurrying cockroaches and feasting lizards

The home of an odd-job cleaner

Cleansed of emotions

Covered in caustic circumstances

Waiting for the world to stop throwing dirt and disrespect.





Grief delivered from a wheel of an ice-cream truck

His leg, covered in blood, bandages and a week of hospital smell

Not with the ice-cream

The other leg — an empty space, an ingot with an irregular cusp

Welcomed by a wobbly parrot

Complaining about its broken leg.





The human atoms

Beating to balance the demands of life

In the air bruised by the knives of expectations

In the City of Possibilities

Originating —

From the malls of the Orchard Road

From the pictures of the exotic destinations

From the pages of the fashion magazines

From the roars of the Continental cars

From the spoken and unspoken tales of the millionaires —

Leaping across the boundaries of Singlish and English

Looking beyond the calls of the responsibilities

Listening to the haves and haves-not

Searching for a place with a breeze in the landscape

Seeking pleasures in meeting readers, poets and writers

Until the day they will extinguish itself

And extinguish their dreams.




A poem about the shoreline at Sentosa Island, Singapore, published on the website of http://www.writeforbucks.com