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News Flash

Pranav S. Joshi has received the Golden Point Award 2015 in the category of English Poetry (Honorary Mention).

Receiving Golden Point Award 2015 at the Art House from Mr. Baey Yam Keng, a Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore. 

News Flash

Pranav Joshi's short story, "Permanent Distance" has received the Honorable Mentions in the prestigious Lorian Hemingway Short Story Contest. 


News Flash

Pranav Joshi's short story, "Rage of a New Ancestor" has been published in the New Asian Writing Short Story Anthology, which bears the same title as Pranav’s (first) short story in the collection. 

The Anthology contains short stories that are set in India, Jordan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Nepal, and interestingly, in North Korea, and Myanmar. The authors are from various countries/regions - England, India, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, etc.


News Flash

Pranav Joshi's short story, "The Corporate Wolf" has been published in the volume, "Crime Scene: Singapore: The Best of Singapore Crime Fiction", which is edited by the veteran, Mr. Richard Lord. 

Strong, riveting stories fill the pages of this volume, the first of its kind in the Lion City! 


News Flash

Pranav Joshi's novel, "Behind a Cultural Cage was reviewed in the "Quarterly Literary Review Singapore". 

"Gaps Between the Bars

Novel seeks to define a Singaporean identity in a cosmopolitan context"

Novel: Behind a Cultural Cage


"Behind a Cultural Cage" is a literary, multicultural novel that has been creating a storm within the wrtiters and readers community in Singapore due to its intriguing subject matter.

Sailing across the shores of Singapore, India, Malaysia, USA and China, the novel describes the life story (or struggle!) of a Bengali Chindian - Chinese Indian man - who carries an "Indian mind" in his "Chinese body", wondering how much Chinese-ness and Indian-ness he possesses.

Will he find the answer??


Read on...

Sometimes, you read a novel and it suddenly awakens a curious HUMAN sitting inside your heart. You have to pause after every few para to allow a literary drip to reach at the reservoir of your feelings. And someone from your inside shouts, "Wow, what a beautiful, poetic language!

This is how readers have described the novel - Behind a Cultural Cage!

During recent years, much has been said about migration, globalization and multiculturalism in the media, but nothing comes closer to what the story unearths. Do the foreigners encounter identity crisis in the human landscape of the country they migrate? Do their hearts hold tearful conversations with their land of ancestors?

The novel explores these answers, revealing the realities of life in an astonishing way, often emitting the mist of humour.





Behind a Cultural Cage - A novel by Pranav Joshi (Singapore)