Lidia Panico personal page

Chargée de recherche (Research Scientist)

Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques

I am a tenured researcher at the Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques (Ined) in Paris, France. I am part of the Fertility, Families and Couples and Economic Demography research units. At Ined, I am responsible or co-responsible for two key research strands: the Children and Their Families and Construction of inequalities in childhood and youth projects, and co-responsible for the Research Pole Perspectives Internationales. I am also an adjunct lecturer at Sciences Po, Paris.

Previously, I was an ESRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the London School of Economics & Political Sciences (LSE), and Research Fellow at University College London (UCL). I obtained my PhD in 2012 from UCL, based in the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies.

My broader research interests focus on describing and explaining socio-economic inequalities in well being, with a focus on child outcomes and family processes. In particular, my research makes use of longitudinal methods and data, notably birth cohorts such as the UK Millennium Cohort Study, and the French birth cohort, Elfe.