About me

I am Professor of Social Sciences and Eastern European Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and a Principal Investigator at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies (LMU Munich and University of Regensburg). Prior to that, I worked at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin (as an Associate in the Eastern Europe and Eurasia Division) and at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (as an Assistant Professor for International Political Economy), as well as held visiting positions at the University of Rochester, University of Marburg and Stockholm School of Economics and a temporary lecturer appointment at the Free University of Berlin, among others. I obtained my PhD degree from the University of Mannheim.

My research is located at the border between political science and economics, with a focus on the post-Soviet Eurasia and Russia, as well as, more generally, internal and international dimensions of authoritarian regimes. My current and recent research projects cover, in particular, four areas: the impact of historical legacies on the contemporary political and social development of the post-Soviet countries; Russian sub-national politics; informal relations in bureaucracy of authoritarian states (especially in the post-Soviet Eurasia); and cross-border cooperation of authoritarian states and Eurasian regional organizations. In terms of methods, most of my work is quantitative and uses large-N datasets (especially sub-national data), though I have used qualitative and mixed methods in some projects as well.

My articles appeared in World Politics, Comparative Political Studies, Comparative Politics and Journal of Democracy, among other journals. My book, Authoritarian Regionalism in the World of International Organizations (with Anastassia Obydenkova), was published by the Oxford University Press in 2019. My work was awarded the Knut Wicksell Prize from the European Public Choice Society, the Gordon Tullock Prize from the Public Choice Society and the journal Public Choice, as well as the Ovsievich Memorial Prize from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Leontieff Center. I am a member of the editorial board of the journal Post-Communist Economies, member of the Board of the German Association for East European Studies and co-chair the Economy Group of this Association.

E-mail: alexander.libman@soziologie.uni-muenchen.de

You can download my CV here.