The Process

We will either speak to the executive directly or leave a brief voicemail message highlighting your product/service's features, benefits, and value proposition. Also, with the executive's or his/her assistant's permission, we will email (or fax) a personalized cover letter, one-page executive summary, and product/service brochure directly to the executive -- or directly to his assistant to be forwarded to the executive. Why the emphasis on getting permission? We all know how much attention an email or fax gets when it is unsolicited -- NONE. Getting permission is paramount to insuring that your information will actually get seen.

After the information is reviewed by the executive and action is taken, we will methodically follow the sales pursuit process with any direct report tasked with following up, and we will continue until we uncover an opportunity or find that there is no opportunity. To prevent wasting valuable time, determining one or the other is of vital importance. When an opportunity is uncovered, we immediately email a Lead Turnover Sheet to you or your sales representative for immediate follow-up. Updated databases are emailed to you on a weekly basis.