In Summary

Do we have your attention? Could your sales/marketing organization use our helping hand? We are a true sales organization (we are NOT telemarketers) utilizing seasoned sales professionals who are singularly focused on creating/uncovering sales opportunities, promoting company/brand/product awareness, and uncovering/collecting invaluable corporate information. We offer services on a fixed-price fixed-time basis (prepaid weekly) with engagements typically lasting a minimum of eight weeks. Our fees are typically 50% less than what similar sales and marketing organizations charge for their services -- while generating significantly better-qualified opportunities in half the time. We can perform services either as an extension of an existing inside sales or marketing organization, or as your primary inside sales and marketing arm if none currently exists. We offer a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to discontinue our services at any time, with no penalty charges. You are free to retain and utilize the valuable information accumulated in the database previously emailed to you without restriction.