Switzerland visit 2006

This is the gallery of amazing shots of Switzerland and us (Me, my family, and my relatives) 

Day 1 - [Rhein Falls]

Day 2 - [Mnt Titlis & Luzern]

Day3 - [Lauterbrunnen, Trummelbach & Golden Pass]

Day 4 - [Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe)]

Day 5 - [Uetliberg]

Day 6 - [Bellinzona]

Day 7 - [Bern]

Day 8 - [Zermatt & Gernergrat]



[My Switzerland]



Hi all,


 Recently, to be pricise, 26 July - 6 August, I went on a vacation to Switzerland with by parents and my relatives. I have to say that it is the best vacation anyone can get, especially during the summer. U'll be surprised but I've seen nearly all the seasons in those few days, ranging from summer to winter, spring and rainy. 


The only place i can think of that can compete with switzerland is New Zealand. Oh the shear scale and beauty of that country is immense. the mountain peaks, snow caped; the rivers, angry and the sun raging. Highest point in the whole of Europe (Jungfrau) is there and so is the richest street (bahnhofstrasse). 


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