First PhotoSoc trip to London Business district

Trip 1 - 101007

Senior Prize Giving at AGS

Senior Prize giving


The PROM!!! these photos are taken by me and my friend Zaw.



I tried to capture the eclipse as best as i could with a 1MP camera


Here's a link to vid of zaw and Arjun trying to climb up a steep slope and immitating gorillas. I have to warn u that if u see a gorilla in there its a creature known as George Liu who first invented this technique of climbing up a slope and has mastered the asthetics of it! Enjoy!


Considering Suicide? View these first!!


Luke Kinghorn

Alex Tang


Sneha (photo deleted)

Sonia, Shona, Dipa (photo deleted)

Bhavesh ¬ a G

Trying out if i can add videos here...

Bad news can't add vids from online file storage... only images can be uploaded

But hey, I'm putting up links to vids of my friends... and the crazy stuff we do...


Hope u enjoy them...