The Last day of school!!! No more school!



18th May 2007 a date and day to remember! The last day of school, as u can imagine it was immense fun! All my friends who were skiving the week came in just because it was the last day and the last official opportunity to see everyone and be a high school student.

The theme was decided to be hawaiian. Being officially summer season but not according to the weather i decided not to wear any shorts. However, a amajority of the students from our year were wearing shorts and brightly coloured shirts. They were also organised to bring in any mode of transport available in thier garage or their room eg. scooters, roller blades, tricycles from thier little brothers/sisters. And so in the morning they all rode down Turnfurlong amidst a traffic jam caused by the school buses leaving the bus park. Later on in the day they decided to go further afield, THE Tesco Roundabout!

However the day wasn't just about blocking the public roads and roundabouts near the school, it was about enjoyment. So they got a couple of cars with some nice load big stereos and started playing some dance music! Yes a small rave was taking place, soon to be interupted by the infamous Mr. O'Driscoll calling in his tutor group. And seeing a member of staff on the road everyone soon dispersed to thier own tutor rooms.

Then came our turn for the tutor group photo! Fitting in all of us was a mission, but we managed. U see the result below:

So the day started! As on evry friday all (well most) my friends had a pretty much free day except me. I had a full day of lessons but fortunately first period was "cancelled" i.e no one turned up to the lesson and the second was spent playing "Fizz Buzz" and "Countdown". But the rest of it was fine as the amount of work done was significantly less than the amount of work set.

The day then came to an end at 1 O'clock and the BBQ was lit! All the teachers and support staff and most importantly students were there to enjoy the sunny afternoon together for the last time! The BBQ was fun snapping moments and group photos. The amount of photos taken with the teachers shows just how much we love them and how much of humans they really are.



After coming home from school, I had about an hour to get ready for the PROM.

1830hrs: Me and 7 friends meet up at the Milton Keynes central Station to catch a taxi to the Prom venue, Pendley Manor, Tring.

Finally arriving at Pendley, i was excited. For first few seconds I didn't recognise some of my friends. The night started with some smooth Jazz and a crowded bar.

The lights dimmed, DJ Sam Young live! The dance floor filled up very soon! Some already drunk and some still sobre. A very informal introduction to few people occured during the dance. Well, I'm not a good dancer but a few stiff movements did the trick and people thought I was dancing! I was wierd for me since i had never been to a club before or for the matter of fact danced before. Ok I did dance to a few tunes in India during the Ganpati festival.

Ah the teachers who came, danced, drank and danced some more. When u r at school u always think that teachers are incapable of being normal people let alone dance. But they can take a few jokes in.

Near the end came the time for Fireworks. It ws an amazing display, some pops costing a grand each. Watching the fireworks in the cold night, reminded me that this really is the absolute end of childhood and the shivers of the real world. We returned to the dance floor once more to take in some more joy and see our friends together once again as school kids. The night of 18th May 2007 came to an end but the partying spirits continued to take us to the "Harrow", a Pub in Aylesbury. It all started to calm down there, not many dancers a lot of drinkers sitting down on the sofas and a lot of talk, talk of the future. and so at 3am on 19th may 2007 We left AGS ( and AHS for the girls) as the Class of 2007.


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