Leland Bridge is a non-profit organization run by the Chinese-American parents of Leland High School. The purposes of this organization are to facilitate communication between the school and Chinese-American parents, and to encourage involvement from these parents in school-wide activities.

Founded in 2001 to support the Media Center fundraising effort, Leland Bridge has become an integral part of Leland High School’s support structure.

Its activities include:

  • Publishing a Chinese newsletter regularly on school events, student achievements, school related measures, etc. About 300 Leland families receive this newsletter in the mail.

  • Mobilizing Chinese parent volunteers to support the school and the Parents Club’s activities, such as the Blue and Gold Auction, Teachers' Appreciation Day, AP tests, Charger Account mailing, and more.

  • Strengthening the community spirit from the Chinese in the Almaden Valley and raising funds for Leland High School. The Leland Bridge Night fundraising event has raised thousands of dollars for the school every year.

  • Representation on key school support organizations such as the Parents’ Club, Leland Foundation, Transformation Board, and the School Site Council.

  • Having a monthly meeting on all the activities above.

Leland Bridge is looking for parents to join our volunteer pool.