About Us

Here at Leigh Chickens we specialise in hybrid laying chickens and we sell a variety of different breeds ranging from Warrens to Blackrocks. To see which breeds we currently have in stock please go to our Current Chickens page.

One of the most common hybrid chickens which we sell, Warrens, are chestnut brown in colour and they lay a beige coloured egg. They have been growing in popularity in the recent decades as layers, and this is due to breed being a prolific layer as they can lay up to 300 eggs per year. They have been know to lay up to 330 eggs in their first year with the aid of artificial lights (although we don't recommend the use of artificial lights).

Hybrid chickens are a fantastic choice for a first time chicken owner, as they are very friendly and lay considerably more than a pure breed. Another benefit to keeping hybrids opposed to other breeds of chickens is that they are less "flightly" and once they have been clipped (See Wing Clipping) they are restricted to only a few feet in flight. The majority of hybrids are medium in size so they will be suitable to live in a Eglu Coop.

Types of chickens:

There are three main types of chickens, layers, meat and dual purpose. The main purpose of the Warren is a layer. Dual-purpose chickens (for example a light Sussex), are "utility birds, which are good for producing both meat and eggs".

On another note...

Here at Leigh Chickens we have approximately 1/5 of an acre where the chickens and run, forage, and play as we are against the over crowing poultry and as you can see (from the picture to the right) our chickens are clearly not over crowded. If you would like to see our chickens beforehand you are more than welcome.

Here are some testimonials.

Some of our chickens, at 18 weeks old

Our garden where our chickens can play and run about.