Writing Programs at Leeward Community College

for Writing-Intensive and Writing Across the Curriculum Programs

At Leeward CC, Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Writing-Intensive (WI) programs are closely linked.  Both programs are guided by the Leeward CC Writing-Intensive Focus Board, the body which reviews, approves, and administers Writing Intensive courses and also promotes WAC by sponsoring faculty workshops and serving as a faculty resource in other ways.

Writing Across The Curriculum (WAC) and Writing-Intensive (WI):

What's the difference?

Here at Leeward and throughout the University of Hawaii system, writing has become an important part of the degree program.

  • Writing Across the Curriculum, or WAC, is an instructional approach that refers to the use of writing as a tool for learning in any subject area.   Instructors at Leeward assign writing in fields as diverse as Accounting, History, Biology and Food Service.  The types of writing tasks students do are equally varied, ranging from major research projects, chapter summaries, and essay exams to lab reports, journals, and "one-minute papers" at the end of a class period.

  • Writing-Intensive (WI) courses are small classes which use writing as a primary tool for learning.  Leeward students in the Associate in Arts program need two WI courses to get their degree, although many choose to take more.  B.A. and B.S. degrees at UH-Mānoa require five WI courses.  WI courses are marked with a W in the course schedule (e.g., History 281W) and enroll a maximum of 20 students.  Courses receiving WI designation must meet a number of specific hallmarks.  Recent WI courses offered at Leeward CC include Hawaiian Literature, International Business Protocol, Introduction to Women's Studies, and Understanding Japanese Religions.