The Writing Intensive Focus Board is responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for new writing-intensive courses and proposals for the renewal of existing writing-intensive courses.

Once proposers submit a completed course proposal form and course syllabus to the WI Focus Board Chair by the designated deadline, the chair then reviews the proposals to ensure compliance with the Leeward CC Hallmarks of Writing-Intensive Courses and the proposal requirements before passing the proposals and renewals to the board for review. Whenever possible, the Chair will work with those whose proposals or renewals need revisions before submission to the board.

Once the Board receives the proposals, they review and discuss proposals prior to voting on their approval or need for revision. In the case of proposals requiring revision, the board may approve the proposal, contingent upon receipt of the required revision by the deadline set by the board. For proposals requiring more substantial review, the Board may return the proposal with the board’s feedback for required revision and resubmission by the deadline set by the board. Once approved, the writing-intensive designation remains active for four years.

The Board is also responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the writing-intensive program, as well as coordinating workshops and other campus events that promote writing-intensive course development, writing across the curriculum, and appreciation of writing.