This web site aims to provide information about my activities as full time associate professor at the university of Paris 13 (IUT Villetaneuse). My research is centred on machine learning, data science, Big data and is with Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris Nord (UMR CNRS 7030).
Associate Professor
Maître de conférences - HDR 
Université Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité,
Laboratoire de recherche :  LIPN
Enseignement : IUT de Villetaneuse


e-mail : mustapha.lebbah*[at]*        
: (+33)1 49 40
38 94, bureau B301  

GitHub (New, API)

Its Big Data Clustering Library (API) gathering clustering algorithms and quality indexes in Scala and Spark/Scala. Don't hesitate to ask questions or make recommendations in our Gitter. It is also in SparkPackages. Some examples using the C4E API  are a avalaible here 

He is currently Associate Professor at the University of Paris 13 and a member of Machine learning Team A3, LIPN. His main researches are centred on machine learning and data mining (Unsupervized Learning, Self-organizing map, Probabilistic and Statistic, scalable machine learning and big data& data science). Graduated from USTO University where he received his engineer diploma in 1998. Thereafter, he gained an MSC (DEA) in Artificial Intelligence from the Paris 13 University in 1999. In 2003, after three year in RENAULT R&D, he received his PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Versailles. He received the "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" (accreditation to lead research) degree in Computer Science from Paris 13 University in 2012. He is a member of the french group in “complex data mining”, and Secretary for the French Classification Society since november 2012.

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