Yoruba For Children Abroad

  You Might Be Culturally Losing Your Yoruba Kids Abroad

Do you know that many Yoruba Parents Abroad (possibly including you) will lose their next generation to foreign culture that care less about respect, manners and other core Yoruba godly character building values? This is primarily due to lack of language and cultural value transfer. 

As a Yoruba Parent with Kids Living Abroad, Will You Be Able To Carry this Guilt?

About few years ago we were in the same dilema with our 5year old daughter then (now 9years old). My wife and I talked to various people; experts; heritage language teachers and profs. We were successful at the end of the day, our daughter understands, speaks, sings, prays and can read in Yoruba  now. She is a role model among Yoruba Children Abroad today! Thanks to the breakthrough Innovative and highly interactive Yoruba Language Software for Kids Abroad – Learn Yoruba in 27 Days.

Now our kids are finally and smoothly been integrated in North America with a deep sense of Yoruba Identity, higher self esteem and connection to Yoruba Land. 

You and your Yoruba Kids Abroad may be the next success story if you visit this website (https://paydotcom.com/r/84361/adedamola/26107667/) now and purchase  your copy of our Ground Breaking Interactive Yoruba Language Software we created based on our research that yielded this success for our kids and hundreds of other kids in a very short time. 

Soji Oyenuga and Titi Oyenuga