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Results From Previous Events:

  • 2015 Summer Chess Camp Report
    • We had 185 different students attend summer camp!
    • Three of our eleven weeks of camp filled up to capacity!
    • 25% of our students this summer were girls! And at our girls week of camp, we had more girls than boys attending for the entire week!
    • We awarded $6,020 in need based scholarships! Thank you so much to all of our generous donors who make that possible!
    • Just over half our students came to more than one week of camp!
    • A quarter of our students, who signed up initially for one week of chess camp, chose to return for one or more weeks of chess camp. That means chess campers were having so much fun and learning so much that they wanted more!
    • During the 11 chess camps we ran this summer, our students spent a total of 5,280 hours learning new chess skills, solving chess puzzles, practicing chess techniques, and playing chess: all activities that engaged and sharpened their minds, pushed them through struggles to ultimately succeed, and will serve them well as they head back to school soon!
    • During our after recess mindfulness practice our students spent a combined 88 hours practicing mindful breathing to calm their minds and better control their emotions. That's an average of 45 minutes a piece!