Lawrence County Adult Probation & Parole



We will collaborate to build our reputation as highly trained professionals who provide efficient service to the community and to our peers and partners in a respectful, courteous, and caring way. People will admire the strength of our sense of purpose and notice how this enables us to adapt creatively to the ever-changing needs of those we serve and protect.


To protect and serve the public through the prevention of criminal behavior, challenging offenders to discover their accountability to others and to restore themselves to their communities.


Leadership: Our approach is to work as a team of professionals, modeling leadership behaviors that serve the growth and success of others, and building strong partnerships that improve our effectiveness.


Respect: We will have respect for each other, and for all those we come in contact with along the way. We will convey this respect through genuine expressions of appreciation and through offering positive challenges that help our team members to improve themselves.


Flexibility: We will demonstrate flexibility in our openness to new ideas and our readiness to  change our own methods as a service to our team. We will be prepared to learn from our mistakes and assist our teammates to learn from theirs.


Skillful Communication: We value open, clear communication with each other. We take responsibility for prompt answers to open questions and for sharing all that may be useful to our teammates’ performance. We believe in authentic dialogue, in active listening and honest feedback, and in giving supportive attention to anything that may lift up our team members and help them through a difficult day.


Accountability: We hold high expectations for our own performance and for that of our  team members. We believe in taking shared responsibility for the pulse of our office, and for taking creative steps to bring about office harmony. We believe in having a plan for each day and for each task and in our duty to share that we learn with our whole team. We have all signed on to “have each other’s back” regardless of differences in styles of thinking or communicating.


Creation of a Legacy: Our office will become known for our high standards, for the ways we  act on our belief in the talent and potential of each other, for the way we look out for each other’s success, and for our shared dedication to achieving what is best for our office. This office will be known as a good place to work, and as a place where people work together to get important work done.