Guiding Questions for Russell's "Truth and Falsehood"

1. What’s the main question Russell tries trying to answer? What is the question he explicitly states he’s not trying to answer? Is there a difference between the meaning of truth, the concept of truth, and the nature of truth?

2. What are the (primary) truth bearers?

3. Do you believe, with Russell, that truth is in every case an extrinsic property?

4. What problem does the coherence theory of truth solve according to Russell?

5. What are Russell’s objections to coherentism? How does Walker reply to this objection?

6. What does the correspondence theory of truth consist in? What’s the main challenge its promoters face?

7. What kind of relation is belief?

8. When is a belief true and when is it false?

9. Is it always the case that the truth of a belief does not involve beliefs or the mind?

10. What is a fact?