Guiding Questions for Gupta's "A Critique of Deflationism"

1. What are the two types of philosophical debates over the concept of truth that took place during the past century?

2. What is deflationism?

3. What’s the aim of the paper?

4. What are the component ideas of deflationism?

5. What’s the problem with the Connection Thesis?

6. Is deflationism compatible with physicalism?

7. Does truth play a causal-explanatory role in science?

8. How does Gupta understand Dummett’s argument against explicating meaning in terms of (delfationary) truth-conditions?

9. Why is there a tension between deflationism and explicating meaning in terms of truth-conditions?

10. What is the difficulty with the deflationist way of understating how we learn the meaning of ‘true’?

11. Why does Gupta deny the Disquotation Thesis?

12. Why can’t we say that “the meaning of 'true' is explained by the form (T),

(T) ' __ ' is true if and only if __ ,

not by the particular biconditionals”?