Using the power of media to serve the public good

Strategic Media & Communications:  Public Relations.  Media Relations.  Education.

The lure of media. The power of images and stories to persuade, incite and influence are the hallmark of our times. LTV Strategic Marketing & Communications harnesses the power of media to serve the public good.  We offer comprehensive public relations, media relations, brand management, marketing, grant development, donor cultivation and consultant services on projects surrounding media, education, technology and the arts. LTV works mostly with nonprofits whose missions are to serve the public welfare. These include schools, nonprofits, artists, film projects, and social enterprise organizations.  

Our expertise includes many years of experience serving esteemed institutions, including Yale University and the University of Southern California, Arizona State University, and many artists and media projects. We can help your organization maximize national visibility through a full range of public relations, communications, media and donor-relations initiatives.

LTV's interests in the media extend to helping schools develop strong media education programs to help students become literate digital citizens. Services to clients include media education & workshops, program development, curriculum design, public relations, project research & evaluation, grant-writing and donor relations. Special interest lies in helping schools integrate technology to prepare students for a lifetime of healthy media consumption.  

"Young people are learning from media constantly, whether they realize it or not. We need to empower them to analyze the differences between advertisements and facts, propaganda and news. They need to understand how the media -- even entertainment products -- can manipulate, influence our perceptions, beliefs and desires, as well as help express ourselves and share out points of view  If we teach children basic media literacy in school, we give them keys to unlocking hidden messages in media for the rest of their lives."    

                                                                                  --- Laurie Trotta Valenti, PhD


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