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Lovely Ladies of Laurel or Simply L3
Lovely Ladies of Laurel (L3) is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Maryland that is committed to providing mentoring services to young ladies residing predominately in Laurel and the surrounding areas.  As the first and only gender specific mentoring program to be incorporated in Laurel, L3 seeks to promote responsibility, respect, and academic rigor to a diverse group of young ladies within the community.

L3 is a vibrant, thriving organization based in the city of Laurel, and other locations in Maryland.  We have had the pleasure to meet, greet, and build a positive rapport with our many local and state officials.   Our weekly meetings are currently being held at Laurel High School.  L3’s goal is to facilitate career development, emotional support, social development, and professional growth for young ladies, with the help of certified special and general education teachers.  All the teachers strongly believe that a young lady regardless of socioeconomic background has the right to learn valuable leadership skills, receive positive mentoring, and the best education available. L3 operates ten months out of the year.  L3 bridges the gap between disadvantaged young ladies residing in Laurel and positive mentors and experiences that can significantly improve their lives. L3 also helps those who are already succeeding to remain on the path to a positive and productive future and teaches them the value of mentorship and volunteerism.  L3 guides all young ladies towards a future as women of excellence. 

Through increasing extended learning opportunities and enhancing social and professional development, L3 has steered young ladies in Laurel away from the negative influences that may have significantly affected their lives.  L3 has and will continue to guide young ladies into becoming women of excellence by:

        A series of workshops.

        Community outreach opportunities

        Motivational activities.

        Guest speakers.

        Field trips that provide exposure to a range of positive environments.

        Weekly Meetings

        Parent Involvement

          Extending Learning Opportunities

Lovely Ladies of Laurel is the only gender specific mentoring program available in Laurel.  To date over 300 girls have been associated with L3 either during their middle school or high school experience.  What began as an after school program has blossomed into a much needed organization.

L3 grants equal opportunity for participation of individuals regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, or physical handicap.