Role of the Parent

There are 3 parts or foundations to Suzuki learning.

  • The Teacher
  • The Child
  • The Parent

The role of the parent is much more involved that many parents may be used to. Often parents are relegated to the twin jobs of the nagging authority figure and the taxi driver! Not so with the Suzuki method; you are vital to your child's development and the Suzuki method bring this to the fore right from the start.

When starting a very young child they won't play the piano immediately. Firstly there will be a period of observation; not just for the child to observe another child but for the parent to observe another Suzuki parent! Further to that the first person at the piano in the regular lesson is often the parent. The desire is to create an environment of learning that doesn't put undue pressure on the young child, but demonstrates learning and teaching through the parent.

Often the parent will learn in tandem with the child for the first book of Suzuki. Most parents I have a taught enjoy this greatly and find it helps them directly relate to the child and the child's practice time at home.

Not to mention the shared times of listening. I often have the kids Suzuki CD on in the car and the whole family get to learn by osmosis.

The other vital role the parent plays is that of note-taker. During the lesson it is vital that you bring a notebook and are prepared to take notes. This helps with practice during the week and ensures that you and your child are ready for the next lesson.