Group Lessons

Group lessons are another part of Suzuki learning that may at first seem unusual to those who may have experienced a more traditional piano education.

There are many aspects of worth within the group learning process. The groups provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment for your child to:

  • interact with other children who share the same interest
  • to learn from their peers
  • to learn from the public teaching of their peers
  • to gain experience of performing in a safe and constructive environment

Quite often the first fully public performance a student will experience is when they enter a competition at a late stage in their learning. Piano is a performance art! Children should be performing continuously, gaining that experience that will serve them not just in piano but in life! Groups lesson provide a perfect environment to do just this.

It also helps build groups performance skills. The piano can often be seen, unfairly, as a solo instrument. As you child develops they will have many opportunities to perform with others and that is also a skill that requires practice.

What is the point of being able to play the piano if you cannot share that talent through public performance and public groups performance?