Local Produce and Green Stuff

Local Produce & Supplies

We try to source local produce and supplies where possible, so far we have:

  1. Welsh Brew Tea is from Mumbles
  2. Bacon is from Howells Butchers in Penclawdd (North Gower)
  3. Free Range Eggs are from Ellis Eggs in Aberdare
  4. Princes Gate bottled water is from Pembrokshire
  5. Yoghurts are from Llannefydd in North Wales
  6. Welsh Milk and Welsh Butter from local suppliers
  7. Lots of artwork in the guest rooms is from the Oyster Gallery in Mumbles

Green Stuff :)

  1. Here at Langland Road we genuinely care about recycling and minimizing our carbon footprint and DO something about it....
  2. Most of the policies in place would not be noticed by our guests during your stay, but we assure you we complete all procedures listed below.
  3. All our linen is laundered in house (in the garage if you want to be nosey)
  4. All bedding is washed and allowed to dry naturally, outside in the summer and on airers in the winter.
  5. We only tumble dry towels in order to fluff them up otherwise they are like cardboard.
  6. Our tumble dryer is gas heated which uses 40% less energy than electric equivalent and our washing machine has a large load capacity and heats only enough water that it needs. Its rated AA+ efficient
  7. All plastic, card, paper, tins and glass and waste foodstuffs used at breakfast are recycled in separate storage bins and are collected by the Council every fortnight.
  8. All bedroom bins and most en-suite bins have their contents sorted and recycled with other materials as well as shower gel packaging etc.
  9. Our recycling policy ensures every two weeks we only produce one black bag of non recyclable materials for land fill (this includes our domestic waste).
  10. We provide fresh towels every other day, but change automatically any towels discarded in the shower.
  11. Our heating and water boiler is less than 3 years old and is a Condensing Combi Boiler with 'A' rating 90% efficient Worcester’s Greenstar Boiler
  12. All the bedroom toilets have dual flush.
  13. All light bulbs are energy efficient
  14. All orange juice and cranberry juice cartons are taken to the Civic recycling centre where there is a tetra recycling bank.
  15. Duvet Covers are non-iron
  16. Our pillows are from M&S and are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles J
  17. We don’t use individual sachets of tea, coffee and ‘uht’ milk in guest rooms – we give you a jar of tea and coffee. Fresh milk is always available from the breakfast room.
  18. All old duvets and pillows are donated to ‘Llys Nini’ Animal Rescue Centre to be used as bedding for homeless animals.
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