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Tips for Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer at the Authors & Artists Fair

Please send an email to sullivan@efn.org telling us how you would like to help!

Some volunteers are needed from 8am-9:30am for setup. Others are needed for two-hour shifts from 10am-noon, noon-2pm, 2pm-4pm, and 4pm-6pm as front-table greeters, front-table VISA clerks, and roving author/artists hospitality helpers. Greeters pass out programs at the door and encourage visitors to donate $1-$5 for the summer reading program. VISA clerks run the VISA machines and tally sales (which is not as difficult as it sounds). Hospitality helpers bring bottled water and VISA slips to authors/artists and offer to watch tables while authors/artists take short breaks. Please arrive for your shift 5 minutes early so that you can learn your duties from the previous volunteer.

Thanks for helping the Lane Library League!