Phase Domain Induced Polarization/Resistivity Instruments

L and R Instruments designs and sells portable Resistivity Meters and Induced Polarization Instruments for geophysical applications. These high quality lightweight instruments are designed and built for rugged environments; they are affordable and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated.

The ULTRA MiniRes

· Light weight yet durable

· Low power consumption

· Lowest cost in the industry

· Exploration to greater than 1000 feet

· 2.5 Hertz

L and R Instruments, Inc.

P O Box 5989, Incline Village, NV 89450, USA

Phone 775-833-1212 FAX 775-833-2388


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The ULTRA MiniRes simultaneously measures Resistivity and IP.

Our instruments are built to the highest standards featuring solid-state relays, sealed switches, and anodized laser-etched faceplates. Typical accuracy of 0.03% and resistance resolution of 0.1 milliOhms. Input resistance of 200 MegaOhms.


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