About Us

The LANDIS-II Foundation

LANDIS-II is operated as a non-profit scientific and educational organization, registered in Oregon with 501(3)(c) status.  Read our Mission Statement and By Laws for further information.  Our values are outlined here.

The Board of Directors are:

Caren Dymond, Government of British Columbia, Technical Advisory Committee

Eric Gustafson, USDA Forest Service

Hong He, University of Missouri.

Melissa Lucash, University of Oregon, President and Member of Technical Advisory Committee

Robert Scheller, North Carolina State University, Treasurer and Technical Advisory Committee

Brian Sturtevant, USDA Forest Service, Technical Advisory Committee

Yan Boulanger, Canadian Forest Service

Matthew Duveneck, Harvard Forest

Publications by the LANDIS-II Foundation

The LANDIS-II Foundation, a non-profit scientific and educational organization, periodically publishes papers that thoroughly describe a model extension to help users gain additional insight into how to parameterize, calibrate, and validate the extension. These papers can be found on github: https://github.com/LANDIS-II-Foundation/Foundation-Publications

Mailing Address

LANDIS-II Foundation

c/o Robert M. Scheller

North Carolina State University

Campus Box 8008

Raleigh, NC 27695-8008 USA

Web Site Contact Information

Dr. Melissa Lucash: mlucash [at] uoregon.edu


The following organizations have provided funding for LANDIS-II Development since 2004:  USDA Forest Service, NASA, USGS, NSF, SNPLMA, USDA AFRI, Province of British Columbia.