"Stress Free Yoga" at the Clubhouse of Lake Hills Community.

 Edgewater Drive, Austin, 78733
Mon., Wed., Fri., 9:oo- 10:15 A.M.

 Watch for time  schedule changes in the LHCA newsletter or site, or posted on the bulletin board at the clubhouse.

Photo By Jennavision/Jennifer Combs  2012

 Parking for non-due paying community members to the right of the building available. 

3110 Edgewater Dr

Thank all of you for attending the "Stress Free Yoga" classes at the lake. We are now into our fourth year. Thank you Lake Hills Community Association!

Suggested Donation. (5% goes to LHCA)

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring Yoga mats, blankets and props. Some are available for your use.  It is advisable to practice yoga on an empty stomach (or with little easily digested foods in it.), and check with your health care provider if you have any questions about beginning a new exercise regime.

Dara Paprock, M.A. eRYT, IYTA  teaches therapeutic yoga for stress management, recovery, pain management, strength, endurance and flexibility. Drawing on Yoga experience at Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization Center in Los Angeles,  and natural affinity with Kundalini Yoga combined with 25 years of dance teaching, performance and Pilates,  Dara's yoga class considers safety, alignment and the possibilities and joys of being human. She received her Yoga Alliance certification through the Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas and is a professional member of the International Yoga Therapy Association. Dara holds a Master Degree  from UCLA World Arts and Cultures and Dance Program, "Mudra's for Transformation and Healing" , Gong, and CPR . She is a certified, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher and  a certified  the Warriors At Ease meditation instructor.  Her private practice and clinics address Wellbeing, Holistic Health, Anxiety Disorders,  Physical Rehabilitation. Dara also works with Veterans and their families. 
Contact:  Dara Paprock at Darapaprock@gmail.com