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Welcome to the website of the Laboratory for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis in RIKEN BDR

 To understand life, it is indispensable to understand the function and the structure of proteins that plays essential roles inside and outside of cells. Laboratory for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis aims to develop the PURE system, a reconstituted cell-free protein synthesis system, to contribute to the development of the manipulation, analysis, and modeling of proteins by establishing the technological basis for diverse protein production without restraint. We also try to construct the PURE system with ability for self-replication by synthesizing the PURE system components by itself. By this approach, we aim to establish the technological basis for designing and controlling the life system.

Research Subject:

    1. Establishment of the method for valuable protein production by using the PURE system.
    2. Construction of the self-replication model of the cell-free protein synthesis system.
    3. Development of the cell-free protein synthesis system on micro devices.