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The presented bibliography is intended as a complete bibliography on the subject. It contains full bibliographical data as well as links to abstracts and full versions currently available on the Internet. The bibliography is available in two versions:

The web-page was created from the BibTeX-file by bibtex2html 1.96. The links in the BibTeX file do not prevent its use in papers as BibTeX just ignores them. For separate bibliographic items it is best to use the bib-links embedded into the web-page. Alternatively, the whole BibTeX-file can be downloaded and used.

Any corrections, however small,  and additions, however large, are welcome. My contact emails can be found in the bibtex-file as well as on the Contacts page.

After half a year of hiatus caused by family reasons and by a migration from a PC to something better, the bibliography is up-to-date again and it will try to keep up with the publications.

Papers published in 2014 (last updated February 2014)

Papers published in 2013 (last updated February 2014)

Papers published in 2012 (last updated in September 2013)

Papers published in 2011 (last updated in June 2012)

The main news of 2011 is the publication of the article "Justification Logic" in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Sergei Artemov and Melvin Fitting.

Papers published in 2010

Papers published in 2009

Major updates

  • Google Pages will soon be migrated by Google to Google Sites. The main impact of the migration on this site is that Google Sites does not host html-files such as JLBibliography.html. In anticipation of the transition, I have moved all three html-files comprising the bibliography to my institutional hosting (the rest of the site is still hosted on Google Pages, then Sites). Please update your bookmarks for JLBibliography.html, JLBibliography_abstracts.html, and JLBibliography_bib.html. Each of them should be prefixed with http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~kuznets/.
  • To facilitate both the use of this collection as a complete database of sources and as an actual bib-file to produce bibliographies in papers, several entries are now provided in two variants: with a note describing the relationship of the paper to earlier/future publications, errata etc. and without such a note. To access the variant without a note, it is sufficient to add "nonote" to the end of the citekey of the full variant. For instance, Art97TRb refers to the full variant whereas Art97TRbnonote is the variant without the "Note" field. The latter variants are not present in any of the html-files, only in JLBibliography.bib.
  • Major update: abstracts and keywords added where available. If you have an abstract and/or keywords that are missing, please send them.
  • Intermediate version before the major update. Changes implemented as part of the update: 1) LNCS and ENTCS papers are recast as @INCOLLECTION (no visible change for most bibliographic styles). 2) All TARK and ESSLLI papers are reformatted slightly to better fit @INPROCEEDINGS format. 3) All APAL and JLC papers are reformatted as @ARTICLE, mention of the conference is omitted. Most of these changes are based on the ETH guidelines (pp.14-16). After the update is complete, I am planning to post a document that clearly describes the rules I followed in performing the update along with reasoning behind it.
  • pdf-version is discontinued.
  • Major update to the html version: the links in the html version of the bibliography are unified; links to individual bibliographic items are embedded into it.
  • html version of the bibliography with links is added (by Y. Bryukhov's suggestion). Please send your comments and suggestions about this version.
  • BibTeX source is added (by E. Pacuit's suggestion).
  • First version posted on July 23, 2008.