"In September 2009 I visited him and had some unforgettable days seeing the sights and experiencing the life of that part of India. He has a very wide and deep knowledge of the history and traditions of his own community and a gift for friendship with people of many nationalities, along with a good command of English." -Richard Gordon (U.K.)

"We are fortunate to be looked after by the knowledgeable and charming Kuldip Gadavi. Kuldip lives with his family in Bhuj but has studied in England. He was our translator, cultural facilitator and all round protector. To date he has always managed to ease our path." -Robyn Williams (Australia)

"Kuldip has all the right connections to make the entire journey go smooth and is full of great stories. For our fourth day he had even arranged for us to have lunch with a group of Rabati. This was completely customised to our wishes! We would soon find ourselves having tea far away from anything that was even remotely touristy, in a field surrounded by kettle from all sorts and a group of herders who were some of the friendliest people I've ever met. It's no longer a question if we're coming back to Bhuj, the question is WHEN" -Tim Loonen (Netherland)

"Kuldip makes ancient Kutch comes alive and he guides you through the energy and dynamism of today’s Kutch. He offered new insights on sites. I thought that I already knew, he took me to places that I had been waiting years to see, and he introduced me to spots that I didn't even know existed. Kuldip’s knowledge is vast and his generosity in sharing it is unlimited. I hope to be lucky enough to have him as a guide in the future and I recommend him wholeheartedly to any visitor to Kutch." -Nitesh Desai (India)

"Throw your Lonely Planet out the window! For an incredible Kutch experience all you need do is stay with Kuldip, his wonderfully warm and welcoming family and embark on a 'Desert Adventure'. The house offers comfortable and spacious bedrooms, a clean bathroom, delicious food, piece and quiet and lots of fun and laughter. Kuldip is extremely knowledgeable about the local villages and has a genuine rapport with the artisans which further enhances the Kutch experience." -Helen Spencer (England)

"I met cooldeep in December 06, me and my friend Mirreille stayed for 4 days in his home. It was a great experience for me, and I enjoyed this time very much. cooldeep is a very nice person, he showed us around, we had a great day together with his cousin in the salt dessert and at the beach in Mandvi, and we had some very good and serious conversations. I hope to see him soon in Germany." -Jürgen (Germany)

"Kuldip is a good friend and colleague who loves his Kachchh with great passion. We have shared some wonderful times together and I am happy to recommend him to any traveler who is seeking 'off the beaten track' adventures. His knowledge of local culture and his community connections allow insights into Kachchh not found in any guide book – besides. he has a great singing voice and is a true Gadhvi poet!" -Carole Douglas (Manly, Australia)

"To meet and visit artisans I opted for Gujarat. An excellent choice. So I went to Bhuj where , with the help of a lovely guide , I crossed the desert from village to village . Being rather backpacker style I had never done business with a "guide" and I had some doubts ....Luckily I came across the best guide, Kuldip Gadhvi of "Desert Adventures." Kuldip is also on Facebook.

I can now say that I would never have done all these meetings , especially in such a short time (5-6 days), if Kuldip was not in the game. In another life , Kuldip worked in social development in several villages of Kutch and so he knows many of the villagers so that I never have felt like a " voyeur " or "tourist" in these small communities but as a guest , a simple witness. And Kuldip has a very communicative natural enthusiasm . We sang the ABBA together on the road , it was very fun! So I warmly recommend this excellent guide." -Nathalie Tremblay (Quebec Canada)

"I visited Kutch in 2009. It was one on the first places I visited in India during a three month trip in which I traveled from north-south, east-west. Kutch was definitely the highlight of my trip. Kuldip showed us some amazing secret spots and welcomed us into his home, and his warm and truly hospitable family, we have been friends ever since. As everyone here has mentioned he has a deep passion for his home-place and can offer insights into the area that are hard to come by. I couldn’t recommend him more, if you would like to get an insight into the rich culture, and mesmerizing natural beauty of Kutch, I would definitely advise getting in touch with Kuldip." -Ntsiki Anderson, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Apart from his warmth and his charm, Kuldip is a very giving and flexible guide who related to both of us immediately and quickly understood what each of us wanted from our holiday. “Holiday” that was the operative word, we were not there to prepare for a PhD or write a Treatise we were there for a pleasurable trip of discovery. He understood how we like to find things out for ourselves. If we asked a question or suggested we wanted to do something he never had to asked twice he never forgot, also he was most obliging. He was very sensitive to our likes and dislikes. He anticipated what we would like to do and listened to us very carefully, and gauged our reactions in the first days then he would present us with unexpected surprises all the time. He understood when we wanted to be “informed” and when we wanted to do our own explorations. Most of all when we wanted to connect and communicate with locals by ourselves without his presence or his input. To save John from boredom, which he never was for a second, he presented him with great photographic opportunities and related to him on a personal level taking him off on their own explorations while I was left to my own devices with “the women”, who frequently were inhibited by John’s presence.

Our time with Kuldip was first of all lots of fun, and laughs and most informative, never repetitive or boring. He also gave us lots of space and time to ourselves when we wanted it. A very enjoyable time-thank you." -Ellie and John Picone (Australia)

"Kuldip is an award winning responsible travel guide who is probably the most knowledgeable guide in all of Kutch. He helped me so much in getting to see the region outside of where any tourists roam, and learn about the unique people, customs, and communities of the area. Going to Kutch would have been entirely different and in no way as rewarding if I hadn't met Kuldip. I know it's only a matter of time before I return to stay here again and it's without a doubt that I'll recommend it to anyone heading to Gujarat or India in general. One of the highlights of my trip." -Patrick (Los Angeles, CA)

"I'm from South America, and the idea of travel to India was because I wanted to meet nomad people from the deserts. Thanks to Kuldip and Kutch Adventures I met people from Rabari tribes, shared a moment with them and learn more about their lives. I will definitely come back to Kutch with Kutch Adventures, I want to learn some technique in patterns print, and Kuldip told me he will find the best people for me to learn, and Im sure abt it, thanks Kutch Adventures!" -Trilce Garcia (Peru)

"Kutch Adventures" offers a great opportunity to explore the diverse lands of Kutch. It is not part of any big touristic enterprise and it's completely hassle-free. Everybody who prefers human exchange and natural experience over superficial sightseeing will definitely be paid off.

The strong point about Kutch Adventures lies in its ties with the local environment. Guide Kuldip grew up in Kutch. He knows the tales and traditions of his homeland, speaks the local tongue, is deeply connected to the area. He has many contacts in the villages which make for memorable off-the-beaten-track experiences. He also speaks very good English, having studied in the UK but decided to return to the place he was born. Kuldip interprets tourism in a way that respects local people and their needs, supporting their livelihood. I advise everybody to join in for a special discovery and support Kuldip's vision." -Marian Brehmer (Germany)

"We spend our time in Kutch from 29th November, 2012 to 02nd December 2012 and had been really lucky to share almost 4 days with Kuldip. He wasn´t just a Tour Guide, he became a friend who guided us around ;) Even his whole family was very friendly and we appreciated their hospitality!

Without his perfect everyday planning we wouldn't have seen these many places in this short amount of time.

His car was very comfortable, his english was perfect and his knowledge about the culture and the region gave us a whole new perspective about India and its people. It is worth spending time with him!!! Shukria und Danke!" -Karina Mueller, Judith Woker & Sarah Gmelin (Germany)

"If you are thinking of going to Kutch and to Bhuj, Kuldip is your guy. Best guide ever! Very knowledgable about the arts/artists/culture/history of the area, very competent, and very nice. Ready to share everything he knows about his wonderful part of our world!" -Cindy Bendat (California, USA)

"I had the good fortune of meeting Kuldip through a common friend. I have frequently traveled to and stayed in the Bhuj / Kutch region on several occasions over a 20 year time period. I can say without hesitation that the home-stay with Kuldip and his family was the best accommodation experience I have had during those years. Kuldip has tremendous knowledge and first-hand experience of the area, its geography, history, people, cultural traditions, villages, etc. Kuldip's energy, zest for life and genuine hospitality is a real asset for those interested in an unforgettable experience in Kutch. A home-stay with this family is memorable in every positive way possible. I look forward to a repeat visit." -Cindy Thiel Gould (USA)

"Mr. Kuldip Gadhvi, is a very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide. During the entire tour, no matter how long the day had been, he maintained a genuine enthusiasm and positive attitude. He has good knowledge on the ecology (birds, plants, etc.) and cultural history of Kutch. Because of his excellent people skills, he knew when it was time for a creative moment; e.g., sunset yoga while at the White Rann or an English or Gujarati song to break a long drive. I look forward to visit Kutch again and enjoy the service and hospitality of Kuldip." Inés Sastre-De Jesús, Puerto Rico

"We lived in Bhuj for 5 months and travelled with different guides and drivers, and only one really stood out. Kuldip and Kutch Adventures was by far the best guide we experienced on our trip...continue reading>>>" -Rasmus Fredslund, Netherland

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