Kumar Shaurya Shankar

Rescuing Wild Drones From Captivity
                BE Mechanical Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, 2012
                MS Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2014

                PhD Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University (Fall '14 - ?)

Interests:   Field Robotics, Perception and Sensing, Robot Learning

I'm a PhD student in Robotics at CMU working on Aerial robots with Professor Nathan Michael at RASL.
In the past I've worked on the BIRD MURI project with Professors Drew Bagnell and Martial Hebert

My primary research thrust is to build robust real world autonomous robotic systems that address the uncertainty in perception and controls together, rather than treating them as separate entities. I am currently interested in working on developing robust autonomous micro aerial vehicles with minimal sensing that can be deployed in GPS denied environments, and eventually in swarms.
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