Andrei Krylov "Guitar Music"

This album is a compilation of original pieces by Andrei Krylov and classical guitar music.

It was recorded in St.Petersburg, Russia, and Niagara, Ontario.

Few words about some songs:

"Margarita" is a story about the life of real person and also literary character connected with a series of mystical events in the life of composer himself.

"September" is an improvization after a walk near the Niagara river.

"Highway" is a song about somebody in a new cold world.

"Niagara" and "Ottawa" are places where you are completely lost in useless movements.

Margarita and Bosa Nova are guitar duos all other pieces solos. There are 18 pieces, CD 75 min. long



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List of songs: You can listen samples of songs here

1 Margarita

2 September

3 Highway

4 Niagara

5 Bosa Nova

6 Al Hamra (F.Tarrega)

7 JJesu Joy (J.S.Bach)

8 Greensleeves

9 Suite for Lute (Anonim)

10 Sfinx

11 Cordoba

12 Tears

13 Ottawa

14 Steppe (russian folk song)

15 Skerzo(Leonardo da Vinchi)

16 Friends (russian folk song)

17 Allegro

18 Gatineau

Andrei Krylov studied guitar in Music School and University in St.Petersburg, Russia. In 1980's-90's he worked as a classical guitar teacher and performer for the State Concert Company #Lenconcert#. He wrote music for the guitar and other instruments and he has recorded and published several albums of original guitar music, songs, new age, classical and flamenco guitar music, lute music, one of which has sold over 60,000 copies in Russia.

He has played with the St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra (conductor, Eduard Gustin) and the "Old Petersburg " music theatre.

He has given recitals in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, USA, and Canada. Andrei has recorded and performed for Russian Broadcast Radio and TV and a copy of his performance was published by TV St.Petersburg. In Canada, he has performed at various festivals, including Latin Extravaganza, Kitchener's Salsa In The Square, Toronto's Weston Festival, Hamilton's Concession Street and several multicultural festivals, played concerts in Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec city and other places.

Some of his performances in Canada were televised; by ONTv, by Roger's Cable and the others by COGECO and CHIN TV. Also his music played on CKTB, CHIN 97,9, Radio Katyusha, Baltika FM, Theos, Peterburg TV5 and other channels.

Andrei has been compared favourably to many great guitar players, but has a style uniquely of his own.

He is looking forward for any opportunity to present his music to audiences in Canada and worldwide