Kris James Mitchener

Robert and Susan Finocchio Endowed Chair & Professor of Economics

Department of Economics, Leavey School of Business

Santa Clara University

Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

Research Fellow, CESifo

Research Associate, Centre for the Competitive Advantage of the Global Economy (CAGE)

Contact Information

Email Mailing Address

Office: 321E Lucas Hall Leavey School of BusinessPhone: (408) 554-4340 Department of Economics Fax: (408) 554-2331 Santa Clara University 500 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95053-0385

Research Updates


  • My co-authors and I will be presenting our new research on pandemics and public goods provision at the NBER Summer Institute in July.

  • I will be presenting new research on Currency Wars at the Western Economic Association meetings in early July.

  • I will be speaking at the Shadow Open Market Committee Meeting on June 24th.

  • I will be giving a talk on populism and globalization at Princeton University on May 13th.

  • My Economic Journal article on hyperinflations and uncertainty is being featured in a special issue on Conflict and is currently free for viewing here.

  • My new research on the causal effects of countercyclical interest rates on prices and output is now available as a working paper.

  • My article The Smoot Hawley Trade War (co-authored with Kirsten Wandschneider and Kevin O'Rourke), has been accepted for publication at the Economic Journal.

  • My article Bank Regulation, Network Topology, and Systemic Risk: Evidence from the Great Depression (co-authored with Angela Vossmeyer and Sanjiv Das) has just been published at the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

  • In Defense of Public Debt is now available in bookstores. My co-authors and I explore how public debts have exploded to levels unprecedented in modern history as governments responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis. Their dramatic rise has prompted apocalyptic warnings about the dangers of heavy debts―about the drag they will place on economic growth and the burden they represent for future generations. We offer a sharp rejoinder to this view, marshaling the entire history of state-issued public debt to demonstrate its usefulness.

    • A review of our book by Boris Begović appeared in most recent 2022 issue of Panoeconomicus.

    • A January 2002 review of our book in the Sunday literary supplement to Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy's leading financial daily since the 1860s.

  • I am spending the 2021-22 academic year as a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

  • My article Sovereign Debt in the 21st Century (with Christoph Trebesch) that surveys research on sovereign debt since the Eurozone Debt Crisis has now been accepted for publication at the Journal of Economic Literature.

  • My co-authored paper (with Jose Lopez) Uncertainty and Hyperinflation: European Inflation Dynamics after World War I was recently published in the Economic Journal.


  • See my op-ed in MarketWatch on a volunteer army of tracers New-Deal Style. The complete version, containing additional information relating it to the New Deal, is here.

  • My paper on Depression-era banking panics and their effects on lending and the money supply was featured in the May NBER Digest.

  • Wondering what economic historians have to say about diseases, pandemics, and public health responses. Please read the blog here, which I co-wrote with fellow editors of economic history journals.

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