Ongoing Research

Submitted in refereed Journals

  1. Burger, M.,Kostas Kounetas, K.,Napolitano, O., Stavropoulos, S., (2018). "Champions and laggards of  European Regions Productive Performance using a Metafrontier Framework. Do actually patents and human capital  narrow the technology gap?" (under review)
  2. Bonasia, M and Napolitano, O., Kounetas, K., (2018)"Modelling European Health Regional Systems throught a Directional Distance Function Metafrontier Framework. Are there any differencies?" (under review)
  3. Colesnic, O., Kounetas, K and Polemis, M., (2018)."Estimating risk efficiency in Middle East banks before and after the crisis.A Metafrontier framework." (under review).
  4. Napolitano, O.,  Pietroluongo, M., Kounetas, K., (2018)."Stochastic Convergence or Divergence of Total Factor productivity of Italian Regions. Re-examing the Evidence" (under review).
  5. Zervopoulos, P., Kounetas, K., (2017) "Countries efficiency performance revisited using a generalized directional distance function under a Metafrontier framework. Is there any convergence-divergence pattern for technology gaps?"(under revision) 
  6. Alexopoulos, E., Tzelepis, D., and Kounetas, K., (2016)"Enviromental Performance Indicators and Financial Profitability.Evidence from Greek Manufacturing"(under revision).
  7. Tsekouras, K., Chatzistamoulou, N., Broadstock, D., and Kounetas, K., (2018)“Energy Efficiency, Productive Performance and the distinguishing role of competitiveness. A global perspective”(under review).
  8. Gkypali, A., Tsekouras, K., Chatzistamoulou, N., and Kounetas, K.,(2016)“European Countries Competitiveness and Productive Performance Evolution: Unraveling the Complexity"(under revision).

In Progress

  1. “Greek Observatory of R&D Activities (GORDA)” (with Α.Gkypali and Κ. Tsekouras).  ""
  2. “Innovation Efficiency and Technology Gaps in European Regions: North vs. South”.  (with Α.Gkypali, A. Kontolaimou and Κ. Tsekouras).
  3. "The input-output dimension of Greek Health sector. A bootstrap approach".
  4. “Optimal reference point selection for efficiency and productivity analysis”. (with N. Chatzistamoulou and Κ. Tsekouras).
  5. “Mapping European Countries' innovative and R&D characteristics. Heterogeneous technologies, Strategic groups and Environmental Efficiency Technology gaps”. (with Α.Gkypali,K. Tsekouras & N. Chatzistamoulou)
  6.  “Industries and Learning; An Analysis under a Hierarchical Modelling Approach” (with K. Tsekouras & N. Chatzistamoulou)