About Me

I am a graduate student in Kyoto University.

My research interests are mostly in philosophy and history of physics. I try to develop the ontology of physics from the perspective of emergence and model. In short, my research is `ontological emergence from model-based perspectives in physics'. 

In addition, I have been interested in the thought history of quantum mechanics. In particular, Niels Bohr and Hugh Everett is my main concern. 

In my master thesis, I revealed Hugh Everett's original idea by historical research of his original hand-written papers. 

My another interest is secondary/higher education in Japan. I have tackled some problems in the secondary education with high school teachers and my colleague. Recently, we discussed these problems : how to teach the academic writings and how to connect upper secondary education and higher education ; Child poverty and the reproduction of the poverty ; Meanings of education of Japanese classics ; P4C ; the relationships between the secondary education and society ; and so on. I have organized the workshop about the education. 

Key Words : Many Worlds Interpretation, Emergence, Ontology of Physics, Structuralism, modern physics, quantum mechanics, condensed matter physics, statistic physics.

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