The following officers were elected to their one year terms ending 1 July 2022 with some exceptions. Trustees are elected to 3 year terms. The Financial Secretary and Lecturer are officers but are actually appointed by the Grand Knight, not elected. Officers are installed at the Council's July meeting.

A summary of the duties of officers and non-officers can be found at:

Our group mail address (to all council officers and council members alike) is:

Grand Knight Matt Pieper

Deputy Grand Knight Bernie Schnaufer

Chancellor Bob Brandt

Financial Secretary Adam Crawford

Treasurer John Fosdick

Lecturer Chris Kelly

Warden Bob Matt

Recorder Dave Schick

Inside Guard Tim Gorton

Outside Guard John Reyland

Advocate Matt Dake

Trustee #1 (1st of 3 years) Jerry Morrison

Trustee #2 (2nd of 3 years) Deacon Bob Hurych

Trustee #3 (3rd of 3 years) Jerry Greiner