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The Columbiettes are ordinary ladies who are proud of reaching out and helping those less fortunate by meeting the needs of people in their communities and around the world.  We are also committed to the preservation of family life.  Columbiettes is an organization that addresses the religious needs of the church and community where we reside and work.  

Busy ladies take note:  There are no minimum requirements to being a Columbiette.  You don't need to be a perfect person, or even attend every meeting.  Once you join, the only required expectation is that you pay your annual dues and support our mission.  From there, you are free to choose what you do.  Maybe you join a committee.  Maybe you help out at a dinner.  Find what brings you joy and we are glad to have you as a member.  This provides busy women the flexibility to do as much as they can without stress!

When our Knights are working on a project, we are there to help.  As Our Lady of Peace Columbiettes, we assist with various spiritual and charitable projects across the Parish - such as our Indoor Garage Sale, Flowers at Christmas, Baby Bottle Campaigns, and many, many more. 

By conducting a variety of programs, we are bringing Columbiettes together as they can strengthen their bond of friendship within the order.  The benefits of membership are many - spiritual, moral, educational, and social.  Why not join us?  The Columbiettes is an organization of which you can be very proud to be a member.