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Kornysheva K*, Ten Brinke MM, Miao J, Koekkoeck SK, De Zeeuw CI (in preparation).  Single cell encoding of motor timing in the cerebellum.

en Brinke MM, Boele HJ, Potters JW, Kornysheva K, Koekkoek SK, De Zeeuw CI
(submitted). Cerebellar cortical engram of Pavlovian conditioning.

Schuur F, Kornysheva K, Nobbs D, Haggard P, Maloney LT, Bestmann S (under revision) Extraction but no combination of timing information from multiple cues.


Kornysheva K*, Diedrichsen J (in press). Human premotor areas parse sequences into their spatial and temporal features. eLife.

Binder E, Hagelweide K, Wang LE, Kornysheva K, Grefkes C, Fink GR, Schubotz RI (
2014) Sensory-guided motor tasks benefit from mental training based on serial prediction
. Neuropsychologia 54:18-27.

Kornysheva K*, Sierk A, Diedrichsen J (2013) Interaction of temporal and ordinal representations in movement sequences. Journal of Neurophysiology. PDF

 2011 Kornysheva K*, Schubotz RI (2011) Impairment of Auditory-Motor Timing and Compensatory Reorganization after Ventral Premotor Cortex Stimulation. PLoS ONE 6(6). PDF

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 2010 Kornysheva K*, von Cramon DY, Jacobsen T, Schubotz RI (2010) Tuning-in to the beat: Aesthetic appreciation of musical rhythms correlates with a premotor activity boost. Human Brain Mapping 31(1):48-64. PDF
* corresponding author

PhD Thesis:

Kornysheva, K. (2011) Function of the ventral premotor cortex in auditory-motor integration of musical rhythm. PhD thesis. PDF

Musicology (Peer-reviewed):

 2002Kornysheva K (2002) Ich bin kein Naturalist, aber ich brauche Orientierungspunkte. Gérard Griseys Klangästhetik. MusikTexte. Zeitschrift für Neue Musik 92:31-36.