Journal articles:

* Corresponding author ; 1 Shared first authorship


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Forthcoming/in prep
  • Kornysheva K*, Bush D, Meyer S, Sadnicka A, Barnes N, Burgess N (in preparation). Competitive neural queuing of serial actions reflects abstract timing.
  • Kornysheva K*, Bush D, Meyer S, Sadnicka A, Burgess N, Barnes N (in preparation). The temporal dynamics of spatio-temporal sequence control.
  • Ten Brinke MM*1, Kornysheva K*1, Boele HJ, Koekkoeck SK, De Zeeuw CI (in preparation). Spike timing versus spike rate encoding in eyeblink conditioning.

PhD Thesis (Psychology):
  • Kornysheva, K (2011) Function of the ventral premotor cortex in auditory-motor integration of musical rhythm. PhD thesis. PDF

Journal articles (Musicology):

  • Kornysheva K (2002) Ich bin kein Naturalist, aber ich brauche Orientierungspunkte. Gérard Griseys Klangästhetik. MusikTexte. Zeitschrift für Neue Musik 92:31-36.

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