Neuroscience (Peer-reviewed):

Forthcoming/in progress
  • Kornysheva K*, Ten Brinke MM, Boele HJ, Koekkoeck SK, De Zeeuw CI (in preparation).  Single cell encoding of motor timing in the cerebellum.
  • Ten Brinke MM, Boele HJ, Potters JW, Kornysheva K, Koekkoek SK, De Zeeuw CI (under revision). Cerebellar cortical engram of Pavlovian conditioning.


  • Diedrichsen J & Kornysheva K (2015). Motor skill learning between selection and execution. Trends in Cognitive Science.


  • Kornysheva K* & Diedrichsen J (2014). Human premotor areas parse sequences into their spatial and temporal features. eLife. Link
  • Binder E, Hagelweide K, Wang LE, Kornysheva K, Grefkes C, Fink GR, Schubotz RI (2014) Sensory-guided motor tasks benefit from mental training based on serial prediction. Neuropsychologia 54:18-27.


  • Kornysheva K*, Sierk A, Diedrichsen J (2013) Interaction of temporal and ordinal representations in movement sequences. Journal of Neurophysiology. PDF
  • Kornysheva K* & Schubotz RI (2011) Impairment of Auditory-Motor Timing and Compensatory Reorganization after Ventral Premotor Cortex Stimulation. PLoS ONE 6(6). PDF
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  • Kornysheva K*, von Cramon DY, Jacobsen T, Schubotz RI (2010) Tuning-in to the beat: Aesthetic appreciation of musical rhythms correlates with a premotor activity boost. Human Brain Mapping 31(1):48-64. PDF

Neuroscience (PhD Thesis):
  • Kornysheva, K (2011) Function of the ventral premotor cortex in auditory-motor integration of musical rhythm. PhD thesis. PDF

Musicology (Peer-reviewed):

  • Kornysheva K (2002) Ich bin kein Naturalist, aber ich brauche Orientierungspunkte. Gérard Griseys Klangästhetik. MusikTexte. Zeitschrift für Neue Musik 92:31-36.

* Corresponding author