Katja Kornysheva, PhD

Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
University College London
from July 2017:
Lecturer (Assistant Prof.)

Department of Psychology
Bangor University
Bangor, Wales, UK
k.kornysheva @ gmail.com

The ability to acquire a countless number of action sequences and retrieve them from memory precisely in the right context is crucial in daily life, such as for speech, tool use, athletic and musical performance. In each of these domains the nervous system needs to form a robust, but flexible memory of the spatio-temporal sequence involved. Several conditions affecting the higher

organization of movement such as dyspraxia, stuttering and task-dependent dystonia can affect the learning, retrieval and control of skilled action sequences - with profound consequences for the individual in daily life.

The goal of the “Skilled Action Memory” lab is threefold:

1. To identify the neural markers of successful skilled action performance;

2. To characterize the functional plasticity related to long-term training;

3. To develop entry-points for intervention for improving skilled action learning in patients and the healthy population.

To address these aims, we use spatio-temporal sequence learning paradigms in combination with representational neuroimaging analysis (fMRI and MEG/EEG oscillation patterns) and non-invasive neural stimulation techniques. This work is complemented with collaborations addressing the link between the cognitive/systems and the cellular levels using electrophysiology and mouse mutants.

  • Feb 2017 - Talk on the neural representation of temporal and spatial sequence features at the Seminar Series of the Oxford Centre of Human Brain Activity (OHBA), University of Oxford, Wed 15th February, 2.30pm.
  • Jan 2017 - Talk on the neural representation of skilled motor sequences at the Psychology Department, Brunel University London, Fri 27th December, 3pm.
  • Dec 2016 - Happy to announce that I will be moving to Bangor University to start my lab as a Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) at the School of Psychology and Bangor Imaging Unit from mid 2017. A PhD position opening will be advertised shortly. If you are considering doing a PhD on the neural markers of skilled action sequences using combined EEG-fMRI, TMS/tDCS, feel free to get in touch!

  • Aug 2016 - New interdisciplinary methods paper (neuro-nanoscience) in Nature Communications - introducing a new vector based classification of tunneling current-distance curves (inspired by multivariate analysis in neuroscience) to improve the identification of molecular events. Link
  • July 2016 - New Review on the neural encoding of timing in skilled movements, in: Laczko & Latash (Eds.) Progress in Motor Control. Theories and Translations, Springer. Link
  • Dec 2015 - Paper in Cell Reports: My colleagues at Erasmus MC and I published a single cell electrophysiology paper on the relation between cerebellar cortical spike patterns and conditioned sensorimotor behavior. Link
  • July 2015 - Invited Talk at the Progress in Motor Control X. Conference in Budapest on the "Neural encoding of spatiotermporal skills". Link
  • Mar 2015 - Our new review paper on motor skill learning is in press in Trends in Cognitive Science and has been featured on the cover. Link

  • Feb 2015 - Happy to announce the birth of my son Peter! I will be on maternity leave till August 2015.