Curriculum Vitae


Born: 29.08.1949

Academic degree: MD (1975), PhD/Dr. Med. Sci. University of Bergen (1990)

Specialist in general practice/family medicine since 1985   


Postal address: Research Unit for General Practice, Kalfarveien 31, N-5018 Bergen, Norway



Senior researcher (75%) - Research Unit for General Practice, Uni Research, Bergen/NORCE Norwegian Research Centre (2007 -

Professor II (10%) – Dept Global Health & Community Medicine, University of Bergen (2010-)

Senior researcher (15%) - Research Unit for General Practice, Copenhagen/Denmark (2012 -)



My research has included empirical projects about women’s health, medical communication, marginality encountering health care (medically unexplained disorders, salutogenesis, obesity, lesbian and gay health, alcohol problems), as well as theoretical projects about medical epistemology (clinical knowledge) and methodology (qualitative research methods).

I have been the director of several successful research networks: “Women’s symptoms - Sources of knowledge” (1992-2001), “Vulnerability as a strength” (2004-2008), “Obesity – between public health and marginality” (2007-2011), “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in theory and practice” (2007-2011), “Marginality and health care” (2013-). I have also participated in the research groups ‘Health and disease in a cultural perspective” (1999-2005), “Towards a better balance between risk and resources” (1995-2004), “Living conditions for lesbian, gay and bisexual people 2012” (2012-) and “Knowledge, power and health services” (2014-). At present, my research deals with different aspects of marginality experienced by patients from vulnerable groups or with chronic disease encountering health care. 


1990 PhD - “The encounter between the general practitioner and the female patients” - University of Bergen/Norway

1985 Specialist in general practice (recertified 1990 + 1995 + 2000 + 2005 + 2010)

1975 MD - University of Bergen/Norway



  • Professor (General Practice) 2001-2004 University of Copenhagen (20%)
  • Professor (Women's Health) 1994-2001 University of Oslo/Norway (20%)
  • Professor (General Practice) 1992-2007 University of Bergen (50-20%)
  • Post doc 1992 (funded by the Norwegian Research Council)
  • Associate Professor (General Practice) 1987-92 University of Bergen/Norway (50%)
  • Postgraduate training in family psychiatry, reproductive health, and geriatric medicine
  • General Practitioner 1977-2011
  • Senior researcher 1998-2007: Research Unit for General Practice, Copenhagen/Denmark (20%)



2017 – Kvinnehelseforskningsprisen – award for research within women’s health from Norske kvinners sanitetsforening (Norwegian Women's Public Health Association)

2011 – Nidaros-prisen - award for excellent efforts within education, information and development of Norwegian general practice, especially within general practice research

2010 – Best publication health promotion - Norwegian Medical Association with Mona Flatval)

2008 - Quality in primary health care – Norwegian Medical Association

2001 - Best research publication 2001 – Dept Publ Health and Prim Health Care, Univ of Bergen

1996 - Nordic Research Award - Magda og Svend Aage Friederichs mindelegat, Denmark

1992 - Best essay on "Medical education in year 2000" - Faculty of Medicine, Univ of Bergen



Since 1978 I have presented totally 654 talks, since 2009 totally 203 presentations (mostly as an invited speaker).


My complete list of publications (Click here) includes 407 numbers, of these approx 180 original research articles and 47 review articles or comments in peer-reviewed journals. Most of these are listed in Cristin. Alone, or as co-author, I have published (written, edited or co-edited) 12 books and 51 book chapters. I am the author of a widely used methodology book on qualitative research methods in medicine (published in Norwegian 1996, Swedish translation 1998 + 2006, 2nd  Norw edition 2003, 3rd Norw edition 2011, 4th Norw edition 2017). Textbooks (in Norwegian) about focus groups 2012 and about qualitative metasynthesis 2017.
RESEARCH SUPERVISION (main supervisor or co-supervisor)

Extensive activity as research supervisor (alone or with others in totally 56 research projects on various levels. 50 of these are finished and have resulted in publications (27 graduated PhDs: