Curriculum Vitae

Born 1949

      MD University of Bergen/Norway (1975)

      Specialist in general practice/family medicine since 1985  (recertification 1990 + 1995 + 2000 + 2005 + 2010)

      Ph.d./Dr Med Sci Bergen/Norway (1990)





·         1977-1986: General practice  Oslo/Norway (100%)

·         1987- 2011: General practice  Bergen/Norway (50%)

·         Postgraduate training in family psychiatry, reproductive health, and geriatric medicine

·         1987-1992: Associate professor (general practice)  University of Bergen/Norway (50%).

·         1992: Post doctoral fellow (Norwegian Research Council)

·         1992-2007: Professor (general practice)  University of Bergen (50-20%)

·         1994-2001: Professor II (women's health)  University of Oslo/Norway (20%)

·         2001-2004 Professor (general practice)  University of Copenhagen/Denmark (20%)

·         1998-2007 + 2012 - today: Senior researcher: Research Unit for General Practice, Copenhagen/Denmark 
·         2007 - today: Senior researcher  Research Unit for General Practice, Uni Research Health, Bergen
·         2010 - today: Professor II (general practice) , University of Bergen (10%)



  • Senior researcher – Research Unit for General Practice, Uni Research Health, Bergen (75%) 
  • Professor II (general practice) - University of Bergen (10%)
  • Senior researcher: Research Unit for General Practice, Copenhagen/Denmark (15%)



Research advisor (alone or with others) in 55 research projects (11 students' projects, 19 GPs' projects and 25 ph.d.projects). 49 of these are finished and have resulted in publications (17 graduated ph.d.s: Eva Gjengedal, Reidun Førde, Marit Hafting, Gunilla Carlstedt, Annika Forssen, John Nessa, Benedikte Eskeland, Kitty Strand, Sissel Steihaug, Per Stensland, Anne Werner, Susanne Reventlow, Jan C. Frich, Lotte Hvas, Anbjørg Ohnstad, Margrethe Aase, Lillebeth Larun). 2011: 6 ongoing ph.d.-students.

Reviewer for the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, Qualitative Health Research, British Journal of General Practice, Social Science and Medicine, BMJ, Lancet.


Author of methodology book on qualitative research methods in medicine (published in Norwegian 1996, Swedish translation 1998, 2nd Norwegian edition 2003).

Since 1978 presented totally 491 academic papers/talks, most of them as an invited speaker. Plenary key note speaker at 9 large international congresses, mostly abroad.


Arranged PhD courses, seminars, conferences, and courses. One of the organizers of a group for medical feminist research in Oslo/Norway 1981. Coordinator of Nordic Working Party for Qualitative Research in General Practice (conferences in 1991, 1993, 1996 and 1998). Established a center for general practice research at the rural south-western coast of Norway. One of the editors of Utposten, journal for primary health care and community medicine(1988-92) .  Member of the editorial board of Nora, an international academic feminist journal (1995-2002).


Fall 1997: visiting professor at University of Massachusetts Medical School/USA. Since 1998 various levels of affiliation with Research Unit and Department of General Practice, University of Copenhagen/Denmark. 



2011 – Nidaros-prisen - excellent efforts within education, information and development of Norwegian general practice, especially in general practice research

2010 – Best publication health promotion (with Mona Flatval) - Norwegian Medical Association

2008 - Quality in primary health care – Norwegian Medical Association

2001 - Best research publication 2001 – Dept Publ Health and Prim Health Care, Univ of Bergen

1996 - Nordic Research Award - Magda og Svend Aage Friederichs mindelegat, Denmark

1992 - Best essay on "Medical education in year 2000" - Faculty of Medicine, Univ of Bergen



My complete list of academic publications includes 269 numbers, of these approx 203 original research or review articles in peer-reviewed journals. I have published (alone or accompanied by others) 10 books for the public audience. I have also written a considerable number of chapters in academic books edited by others, mostly about the health care system and about women's health. My research is inspired by cross-disciplinary academic collaboration, drawing on resources from linguistics, social science, anthropology, psychology, feminist theory, and philosophy.


In my doctoral thesis “The encounter between the general practitioner and the female patients” I presented a clinical communicative method for empowerment of women patients with medically unexplained disorders. Elaboration of my dissertation project made me establish and develop a competence on qualitative research on clinical communication. These foundations have been further pursued in a research group with PhD-students exploring the same field from rather different angles, supported by a diversity of theoretical frames of reference. The thesis drove me into further pursuit of methodological and theoretical issues. I have explored clinical knowledge, exploring the scientific study of tacit knowing and clinical judgment. I have done extensive work on development, applications, quality assessment, and dissemination of qualitative research methods in medical research


Then I focused the medically unexplained disorders in women by organizing the research network “Women’s symptoms - Sources of knowledge. How can we develop medical knowledge about women’s health?”. The project included 17 subprojects with 24 Norwegian and international researchers participating. The project was funded by the Norwegian Research Council with several grants 1992-2001. The group presented 37 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and a book for the public audience. We arranged 14 cross-disciplinary seminars about different “unexplained” disorders, 4 PhD-courses with international guest speakers of top reputation, and 5 seminars on methodology for the group.


The experiences from this successful network have been further developed in another research network “Vulnerability as a strength – How can experiences of disempowerment be turned into health resources?”. The group includes 18 researchers from different disciplines and locations, studying patients with chronic disease and people from marginalized group, exploring their capabilities of living a good life against all odds. The impact of such experiences for salutogenesis and empowerment in health care is studied. The Norwegian Research Council has given generous funding to this project for the period 2005-2008. During  2007-2011 my main research projects/networks were 1)  “Fighting obesity – between public health and marginalization”, and 2) “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Theory and Practice”, funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs (2008).

At present, my research deals with different aspects of marginality experienced by patients from vulnerable groups or with chronic disease encountering health care.


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