Fallen Angels

Story By Patryk Wawer

Screenplay By Matt Ediger

A fanfiction script based on the Westwood Studios® "Blade Runner" computer game, Philip K. Dick's book, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", with strong influence from Ridley Scott's movie, "Blade Runner".

Early in the 21st century the Nexus 6 humanoid Replicant was introduced. Several humanitarian groups protested this. They felt that the Nexus 6 was too close to human. Some extremist groups aided in the escape and evasion of the Replicants. Blade Runners, elite police units, were given orders to shoot on site any confirmed fugitive Replicant. This was referred to as Retirement.

Los Angeles November 2019

Ext. Hades Landscape Night

We open to the Hades landscape–gouts of fire spew forth from refineries. We see several spinners of different makes and models off in the distance. The Tyrell pyramids are faintly visible to the right while in the center are the biggest buildings you have ever seen. They are so immense that the towers in Kuala Lumpur pale in comparison.

Int. Spinner Night

We see a man. His name is Ray McCoy. You wouldn't think it from looking at him, but he's a blade runner.

Ray V.O.

(slowly, cynical) “Los Angeles. City of Angels. Hell, not any more. Now all the angels are manufactured. And when they fall, it's my job to destroy them; and they do fall.”

We see him look grimly out at the rain on the window. His police radio cuts in:

Radio: "187 2nd sector any blade runner's in the area, please report. Repeat, homicide at the White Dragon noodle Bar in 2nd sector. Any blade runner's in the vicinity, please report. Stand by for further..."

Ext. Spinner Night

We see Ray's spinner bank sharply to the right and fly into the canyons that are L.A. It’s still quite a ways to the 2nd sector and Ray is at the controls attempting a short cut. The lights and siren of his spinner are in full effect. We see several off-world advertisements. Another police spinner comes in over head, its’ lights ablaze, it overtakes Ray's. Ray follows.

Ext. White Dragon Noodle Bar Night

We see Ray's spinner land close to the noodle bar the other spinner hovers around the scene blaring:

“Move on, Move on, Move on, Move on, Move on, Move on.”

We see Ray approach the scene. We still hear the police car executing its edict to the gathering masses. We see several beat cops standing around. There's yellow police tape cordoning off an area. One of the cops is taking a statement from a witness. A white sheet is covering a body. We see Ray walk up to one of the cops. The policeman puts his hand up to stop Ray. Ray flashes his ID and the cop lets him in. Ray takes a look at the body. We notice from the street that its been raining recently as the street is still wet. We see another spinner touch down ...it’s Gaff. We see Gaff walk up to Ray he looks to him. Gaff only looks at the body.

Gaff: He's been ID'd as Izo a former member of CARS. He left and was the one that found Steal before she bought it...

Ray V.O.

CARS, Citizens Against Replicant Slavery. These guys are taking it upon themselves to liberate the reps and get them normal lives. Might as well be liberating a toaster.

Gaff: ...There's a group of reps escaped last month from a moon transit station. We think it's related. May even be the same group that aired Steal out.

Ray: Who's been assigned?

Gaff: (English) Not you, Bryant say it mine.

Ray looks quite unhappy with this turn of events. We see him look around at the scene. The Off World blimp cruises past. It's search lights invading the city streets below. The search light illuminates the alleyway. We see a POV of Ray. He sees someone standing there. The person turns and runs off. Ray runs after him. But the person is unusually fast. By the time Ray gets to the other side, the person has vanished into the mass of bodies that is downtown LA. Ray turns and notices a girl picking herself up. Ray goes to help her.

Ray: Are you okay?

Lucy: Yeah, he didn't even stop. What a jerk, huh?

Ray: Yeah, you didn't happen to see his face did you?

Lucy: No, sorry. He just hit me so fast.

Ray: What's your name?

Ray notices that the girl probably hasn't slept in a bed for a while. He reaches into his pocket and hands her some money. She smiles warmly. He notices a small piece of jewelry that's on the ground. He picks it up he looks at it somewhat closer. It's a dragonfly.

Ray: Is this yours?

Lucy looks down at her shoe

Lucy: Yes thanks.

Ray: Was it a gift?

Still examining it.

Lucy: Yeah. I guess

Ray hands her the jewelry

Ray: Stay warm tonight, okay Lucy?

Lucy: Okay. Thanks.

She hugs him, and again smiles. Ray manages a lopsided smile. Lucy jogs off into the city. We see Ray walk back through the alleyway and back into the cordoned off area. Gaff is at the mouth of the alley his gun is in his hand at his side. Ray came out shaking his head. Gaff puts his gun back. The body is being loaded onto a stretcher. Ray walks back up to Gaff. Ray watches the body being carted off.

Ray: You sure you can handle the rest of Steal's list? You're still new, I mean Steal was pretty good and she couldn't. I think it'd be better if I took this one.

Gaff ponders a moment.

Gaff: (begrudgingly) Don't mess up.

We see Gaff leave quickly in his spinner and takes off. Ray goes to one of the beat cops and ask to see the statements he took. Ray gazes over them quickly and hands them back. We see him walk to his spinner and take off.

Int. Ray's Spinner Night

Ray’s sitting behind the wheel of his spinner. We hear the radio on in the background. Its not very loud... just loud enough not to disturb someone reading. Ray's hands are not at the controls. He is reading a magazine. It's oddly proportioned about half the width of a normal one but just as long. We see the cover, its titled Sidney’s Animal & Fowl Catalogue, November supplement. On the cover is a collage of various animals. We see Ray’s face. As he looks at it his expression changes from unhappy to interested back to unhappy. We see what he's looking at. It's a listing of dogs. More specifically, corgis, welsh. We see Ray frown and toss the Sidney’s down into the passenger foot well.

Ray V.O.

The girl. I kept thinking about her.

We see a POV of Ray looking at Lucy as she she's picking herself up she's looking into his eyes (our eyes)

Int. Ray's apartment Night

We see Ray walk to his kitchen and get a drink of Tsing Tao. We see him walk to his balcony. We hear the TV in the background. Its begun to rain again. We see him watch as a spinner passes level with his apartment. We hear music from somewhere. Ray searches for it and finds it coming from a black man across the street, and about a story down. We see Ray smile and take a drink.

Ray V.O.

Something about her wasn't right. She knew more than she let on, and it didn't help that she reminded me of her...

Ext. Early's Q Night Club. Night

We see Lucy walking through an alleyway and walks to a door into the back. We follow her as she goes backstage and enters a small dressing room. The room is brightly lit with a red hue diffused by smoke. There are two men inside. One is named Clovis, the other Sadik. Lucy sits on a plastic crate. She smiles at the two men . Sadik smiles back.

Lucy: I think I saw a Blade Runner tonight.

The two men's smiles disappear in an instant. They look at each other then turn back to Lucy.

Clovis: You should stay away from them. You know what they'll do if they find out about us? You remember what happened to poor Dektora?

There's silence for a moment.

Lucy: I dunno. He seemed pretty nice.

Clovis: That's a trick. Stay away from him. He's dangerous.

Lucy: Still, he can't be all bad.

She trails off somewhat detached. She looks down at her feet which are kicking the crate lightly.

Sadik: We should probably head back. It's getting late.

He looks at his watch then stands and gestures for them to leave. Clovis stands. Lucy hops down from the crate. Clovis is behind her as they exit. He turns off the light and closes the door.

Int. Hallway Night

We see Clovis put his hand on Lucy's shoulder. She turns around to face him.

Clovis: Listen Lucy. I'm sure that man you saw seemed nice. But, if he is a Blade Runner, then he is not to be trusted. When you get right down to it, he's simply a murderer.

Lucy looks pained but she slowly nods and turns back around. The two leave.

Ext. Police HQ. Night.

We see Ray's spinner spiral down to the top of the large building that is Police HQ. We see the spinner beside him take off just as Ray is getting out. We see Ray walk to the center of the landing pad. The wind is strong up there. The rain is still falling. Ray has his coat up close to him. He walks into the building.

Int. Police HQ elevator. Night.

We see Ray alone in a large brightly lit elevator. He's leaning against one of the corners. His eyes are closed. The elevator beeps as each floor descends.

Int. Police HQ. Night.

We see Ray walk down through ground floor of the HQ. He walks until he comes to a small office. We see him go through the open door.

Int. Bryant's office. Night.

We see Ray look somewhat surprised at the fact that Bryant isn't in there. Instead we see Guzza sitting behind his desk.

Ray VO:

Edison Guzza, one of the geezers. Been here about as long as Bryant, but didn't do half the drinking. Bryant, the fish, drank for Edison. Now, with his liver all shot to hell, Deck's doin' it for him.

Ray: Where's Bryant?

Edison: Visiting Holden. Bryant asked me to take over for him while he's out.

Ray: How is Holden?

Edison: He's doin' fine considering. Gaff told me you want this case.

We see Ray quietly nod.

Edison: Well, you can have it. There's two groups of reps out and about now. Rick's got one, and you have the other. Congrats. I suppose you want to take a look at Steal's file? It's all in the ESPER. Here's the security codes you'll need to take a look at 'em.

We see Guzza hand Ray a slip of paper. Ray pockets the paper.

Ray: Alright. See ya later.

Ext. Police HQ. Early Morning.

We see Ray walk to his spinner. He goes to the door but then pauses and looks out at the city. It’s dark and overwhelmed by smog. After a moment we see him gaze up at the sky. We see its ash gray horizon hinted with a red hue.

Ray V.O.

Ever since the war things haven't been quite the same. Not that it was much of a surprise. Nothing did well; mass extinctions, radioactive dust, rampant greenhouse effect. Only thing that thrived is the Off-World immigration companies. Stock holders became millionaires over night. People would pay anything to get off terra firma... sometimes I... wonder why I'm still here.

We see Ray quickly shake his head, then open the door to his spinner. He hops in.

Int. Yukon Hotel Room. Morning.

We see Sadik in a small kitchen at the stove. He takes a small carton labeled Faux Eggs and pours the thin liquid into a frying pan. We hear its’ sizzling. At this we see Lucy, who is laying on the couch on her stomach, looking through a copy of Sidney’s. On her shoe is the dragonfly jewelry. She opens her eyes and sits up. She looks over at Sadik concentrating on the eggs. We see Lucy grin and get up and walk into the kitchen. She sits down at the small table and gives a sleepy smile.

Sadik: Couple more minutes.

Lucy: Okay. Sadik?

Sadik: Yeah?

Lucy: Why did you join CARS?

Sadik moves the eggs off of the burner and turns to Lucy.

Sadik: (meaningful to strained) Because I believe that slavery is wrong. Because I believe that if it acts like a human, and if it looks like a human, then that's close enough for me.

We see Lucy look at Sadik. She can tell he's hiding something.

Lucy: Is that it?

Sadik: Yes and no. Did I ever tell you that I was married?

Lucy: No.

Sadik: She was beautiful... she was, {voice beginning to waiver} more human than human.

Lucy: What happened?

Sadik: She was taken from me. She was killed by a Blade Runner.

He finishes nearly choked.

Lucy: Oh.

There's an awful silence in the room then we see Clovis walk in. He doesn't look sleepy at all, which is complete contrast to the others. Lucy and Sadik look to him. Clovis grins and takes a seat at the table. Sadik returns to the eggs and places portions of the pans contents onto three plates. Sadik picks up two and places them before Lucy and Clovis and then returns for his. We see Clovis lightly season his, while Lucy eats them straight up.

Sadik: Gordo and I are gonna go out and meet up with one of my CARS contacts to try and secure some transportation to Chicago. From there we should have little trouble getting to New York.

Clovis: Good, I wonder if he's up yet?

Lucy: We could go down and find out?

Clovis: Ahhh if he's asleep... let him sleep. If not, he knows where we are.

Lucy: What are you going to do today Clovis?

Clovis: I don't know. Thought I might visit and old friend.

Sadik looks at Clovis. So does Lucy. Her eyes appear blue. Half of him wants to know who the better half says he doesn't.

Clovis: What about you Lucy?

Lucy: I'll probably wind up shopping. Then come back here. Then maybe head over to the Arcade.

Clovis: Hmm Sadik. Well I better go rouse Gordo. See you guys later.

Lucy: Bye Sadik.

Clovis's mouth is full at the moment so he simply gestures a goodbye with his fork.

Int. Ray's Apartment. Morning.

We hear Buster Friendly jabbering on quietly from a TV in the background . We see the light from the TV flashing, illuminating the room in artificial white light. We see Ray seated in front of his ESPER. We see a glass and a bottle next to him.

Ray: I want to see the files on Crystal Steal.

ESPER(Flat female voice): Enter access codes.

Ray: (reading paper)BLZN070885

ESPER: State your designation.

Ray: McCoy, Ray, BR61661

ESPER: Access granted.

We see the screen pop up. Ray begins reading out loud... more like mumbling under his breath. We are able to catch a few things he says.

Ray: Met up with Izo... now deceased Replicants came from the moon transit station .... as of yet no connection with second group of Replicants... escaped from Mars.

We see him sit back take a drink then lean back in.

Ray: Show me all the evidence collected.

The ESPER complies and we see a long list pop up on the screen. The last one to be shown is labeled dragonfly jewelry. Being the last, it's highlighted , and this catches Ray's eyes.

Ray: Show me the Dragonfly Jewelry.

The list disappears and is replaced by a rotating 3D image of the same piece that Lucy was wearing. We see a flashback to him holding the jewelry. Ray's eyes go narrow in thought.

Ray: Let's have a hard copy of that.

In a moment the ESPER spits out a heavy piece of paper that has four pictures on it showing each side of the piece.

Ray: Anything else?

ESPER: Not at the current time.

We see a screen pop up it reads:

"Files last edited 19th November 2019 19:49:36 Files deleted."

Ray: Who removed the files?

ESPER: That information is not available. Requires access code I series.

Ray: Only Bryant and Edison have that clearance.

We see Ray ponder a moment then quickly finish his drink and stand up. We follow him as he walks into his kitchen and puts the bottle on the counter, and the glass in the sink. He walks out of the kitchen and into his small bathroom. We see the light come on and we hear water running. After a short while the water goes off, and Ray walks out with his shirt off. He then moves to his small bed and plops down. We see him with his eyes closed. The TV is still on in the background. We see on the screen a man sitting in a chair with a second chair, empty, next to him.

Buster Friendly: Well wasn't she wonderful!? You can see more of her in her new movie coming out Friday.

We see Rays face. He's snoring slightly.

Ext. Corn Fields. Afternoon.

We see an endlessly rolling field of cut corn. The sky is a dreary red with dark gray wispy clouds. The planet Mars, which is very close... much closer than the moon is today. We look around and all of a sudden a dragonfly comes into view. It hovers for a moment. We see a hand come up, and the dragonfly darts off... but quickly returns, and lands on the hand. We see it close up for a moment, then out of the corner of our POV we see a figure flash. We pan quickly around to see Lucy. We only see her for a second before she disappears. We swing around again to see her lying on the ground. We move to her, her eyes are open but she's not moving.

Ext. Thai Café. Morning.

We see Sadik, Gordo and another man sitting inside the café. They're drinking what appears to be tea. We don't hear them. We only hear street noise. After a short while, we see Gordo excuse himself. We follow him as he exits the café. As he steps out, he looks around and turns his back to us. He begins walking and is swiftly consumed by the crowds.

Ext. Ray's Apartment. Morning.

We see Ray walking to his spinner parked on the roof. We see a few other various models parked there as well. We see that Ray has a cup of coffee in his hand. He opens the door to the spinner and hops in, putting his coffee in the cup holder situated in the console. Ray hits a sequence of buttons and the spinner starts up... the door closes. We see the spinner rise up and take off into the congested morning.

Int. Spinner. Morning.

Once again, Ray is not at the controls for the moment.

Ray: Radio on.

We hear the radio crack to life and Buster Friendly booms on in mid-sentence.

Buster Friendly: Well that's the story so far. We'll be bringing you more details as they happen. But, before I forget! Today's special guest... only appearing today... is someone who claims to be an Angel who has come to Earth to rid it of all evil! Ho! Ho! Has he got his work cut out for Him! He'll be on later. Now its time for a weather report.

We see Ray sip his coffee and then crack a small smile.

Ext. Rays Spinner. Morning.

We see Ray's spinner roar off in the direction of the Tyrell pyramids. We see a gout of flame directly to his right. The spinner banks slightly to the left.

Int. Tyrell Pyramid lobby. Morning.

We see Ray talking to a receptionist.

Ray: I'd like to speak with Dr. Eldon Tyrell.

Receptionist: I'm afraid Dr. Tyrell will be Unavailable...

Ray flashes his badge. The receptionist looks unfazed.

Receptionist: Dr. Tyrell is in a meeting , and will be for the rest of the day. Detective McCoy.

Int. Spinner. Morning.

We see Ray flying away from the Tyrell pyramids. We hear Buster Friendly faintly in the background. We only catch a few words like “Ho Ho!” and “Special“, and “Mercer”.

Ray V.O.

Tyrell didn't have much for me. He'd already seen Deckard, and I think that one Blade Runner a day was enough for him. His secretary, however, did give me some files. Ones I could have gotten out of the ESPER. The God of the reps is a useless one.

We see Ray hit a switch on his Spinners’ control panel, and the ESPER screen pops up. Buster Friendly ‘s radio program cuts out.

Ray: Give me a list of the evidence collected by Crystal Steal on Replicant designated Dektora.

We see a read-out listing the items. The last one to be listed was a business card.

Ray: Let me see the business card.

A picture of the business card appears on the screen. On it is emblazoned Early's Q Night Club.

Ray V.O.

I'd been to the Early's club several times, but would never have suspected that there would be reps there.

We see Ray's spinner fly over us and then dive down into the city.

Ext. Early's Q Night Club. Morning.

We see Ray’s Spinner touch down not far from the club. There are several neon signs letting everyone know it's Early's Q Night Club. The streets are crowded, even though it’s early. Its just the beginning of the morning rush. We see Ray walk into the club.

Int. Early's Q Night Club. Morning.

The interior of the club was dead. This apparently is when things got cleaned. We see a guy sitting at the bar drinking and reading. This is EARLY, he's the club manger. Ray walks up to him.

Ray: Hey Early, how's things?

We see Ray flash his badge.

Early: Things are good, what can I do you for officer?

Ray: I want to know about a girl who used to work for you. Girls name was Dektora. Ring any bells?

Early: Yeah. Cute girl. Real popular. Her fire act was a hit.

Ray: That all?

Early: Hmm... I didn't really get a chance to know her. She was a bit odd... if I remember. She had a guy constantly visiting her... Boyfriend, or something. I don't really know.

Ray: Her boyfriend... you remember what he looked like?

Early: Yea, kinda‘. Big guy, clean shaven. Hair like yours but, he was bigger.

Ray: You mentioned she was a bit odd. What do you mean?

Early: I dunno. Something about her just seemed off. Maybe it was like... she wasn't quite... Heh, I don't know; oh you gotta see this before we get the rush. Some of our girls like to practice.

We see a girl no older than 18 begin her routine in the background. We see a tall guy dressed in red looking at Ray. We see Ray notice him. The man looks away. Ray notice's a piece of jewelry on his jacket. From where Ray is it might resemble a dragonfly. Ray returns to watching the girl. Once she's done he turns back to Early. We now get a POV of Gordo watching Ray and Early. We can hear them perfectly.

Ray: Did the guy look kinda like Him?

Ray gestures discreetly with his head over to the man that was looking at him.

Early: Hmmm, maybe. I don't think so though.

Ray: Alright. You mind if I check her dressing room?

Early: Yeah sure just head on back it's got her name on it.

We see Ray smile politely and walk backstage. He notices the big guy is nowhere to be found.

Int. Backstage. Day.

We see Ray walk down the hallway bathed in pink neon light. He walks to a door with a taped on piece of paper that reads “Dektora”. The name is surrounded by a neon star imbedded in the door. We see Ray open the door. He lets it swing open before walking in. A janitor holding a broom passes him as he steps in.

Int. Dressing Room. Day.

The lights are off until Ray turns them on. The room is small, cramped and full of articles of clothing and make-up. Ray begins searching the room. He notices a bottle of rubbing alcohol on the dressing table. He starts opening the drawers of her dresser. He finds a mini CD and a small journal-type book. He thumbs through the pages. There's writing in it. He pockets this. We see him rummage around some more. There's a small dragonfly statuette on top of the dresser. Ray gazes at it for a moment. Then continues to search behind some boxes. As he turns back he notices some writing on the back of the door. It’s hard to read, so he closes it slightly. It reads "Tutto l'Abbandono Ye Di Sperenza Che Entra in Qui." He looks sidelong at it for a moment. He dismisses it, and now satisfied, he exits the room. We see him exit Early's through the back.

Ext. Early's Q Club. Day.

As soon as he opens the door he sees the man in red. He doesn't look happy. He walks up to Ray.

Gordo: What do you think you're doin in my friends dressing room?

Ray: I'm a Police officer. You knew her?

Gordo: Yeah, so.

Ray: I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may?

Ray sees that it is a dragonfly on his chest. His eyes go wide. Gordo's not having any of it he punches Ray in the gut. Ray doubling over, Gordo then picks him up and tosses him to the other side of the alley. Ray is stunned, and tries for his gun, but Gordo is on him again. Gordo picks Ray up and slams him against the wall. Gordo shakes him a bit then viciously backhands him into the side of a dumpster. Ray impacts with a resounding thud. Gordo, taking his time, walks over to Ray and prepares to mash Ray's head. But, at the last possible second, Ray dodges to the right. Gordo's fist pierces the dumpster and this gives Ray enough time to bring his gun up and put three bullets into Gordo's abdomen. We see Gordo backpedal and fall into a mess of garbage bags. Ray manages to sit back up. His eye is beginning to swell up, and his mouth is bleeding. He's gasping for breath.

Ext. Club Alleyway. Day.

We see a similar Police scene as before. All that is different is the location, and Edison is there. Gaff and Edison walk up to Ray.

Edison: What's the deal McCoy? He look at you funny?

Ray: I'm pretty sure he's one of the escaped rep's. I didn't have time to VK him, as he was busy beating the crap outta me.

Edison: I see. Well... looks like you two are even. Maybe you should take the rest of the day off... heal up and such. As a matter of fact, here's an advance on the bounty. Have a drink for me.

We see Edison hand Ray some money. He pockets it. Ray tries to smile but only manages to wince.

Ray: O.K. See ya tomorrow.

We see Ray limp back to his car and collapse in it. We see him sit for a moment.

Int. Rays Spinner. Day.

We see Ray with his eyes closed and his head leaning back against the seat.

Ray: Call Police Department. Non-emergency.

We hear the car dialing on the screen we see an appealing receptionist pick up.

Receptionist: How may I direct your call?

Ray: I want to talk to Rick Deckard.

Receptionist: Just a moment.

We see the receptionists face disappear. It's replaced by supposedly soothing colors and mood music. We see a close of Rays’ eyes for a instant. Then the receptionist returns.

Receptionist: I'm afraid Mr. Deckard is no longer associated with the department. I can forward a message to his last known address.

Ray: No. That's fine. Thank you.

The receptionist disconnects and we see the Vid-Phone logo. Ray looks at the screen.

Ray: Dial outside number, 555-3275.

We see the numbers flash on the screen. After we hear that distinctive ring tone, a mans smiling face appears on the screen.

Man: Happy Dog Pet Shop. How can I help you?

Ray: Do you have any welsh corgis?

Man: Hmm. I'm not sure? Let me check.

We see the man turn away from the screen. We hear typing, and then the man returns.

Man: I have one in stock. Male. Young. Mint.

Ray: What are you asking?

Man: We can set you up for 10% less than Sidney’s. So, I'd say you could take him home for 2500. If it's necessary, we can put you on a payment plan. 100 down, 100 a month, with 0 interest for the first year. Do you have an animal to trade?

Ray: No.

Man: That's fine. Would you like to set an appointment?

Ray thinks a minute.

Ray: Ya know...why don’t I call you back.

Man: Ok sir, have a better one.

Ray: You too.

Ray disconnects the line. We, again, see the Vid-Phone logo flash, then the screen goes blank. Ray closes the door to his spinner, then takes off.

Int. Ray's Apt. Day.

We see a book case with miscellaneous bits and kipple on it. In the middle is a small urn, and in front of it is a picture of Ray and a dog. We then pan right to see Ray back at the ESPER , with a bottle and a glass. We see him viewing a DVD he found in Dektoras dressing room. There's several images to chose from. We see previews of most of them. Ray chooses a photo at random.

Ray: Show me number 15.

We hear the signature beeping and a photo then fills the screen. We see Dektora sitting at her dressing table, looking at a man whose looking in the mirror. We see his profile. We can see Dektora's in the middle of laughing. Her mouth is somewhat blurred by the shutter. There's a full length mirror opposite the photographer. We can see the man in it, but can’t make him out.

Ray: Enhance 34 to 63.

The ESPER complies. We now see a blown up image of the mirror. His face is masked by the camera, but we can tell that it's the same guy who beat up Ray earlier. We also see Lucy standing just to the left of Gordo.

RAY: Pull Back

The ESPER complies, and continues until...

Ray: Stop. Track 30 right.

... we see a close up of the mans face.

Ray: Stop. Hard copy, right there.

Soon enough, the ESPER spits out a Polaroid of the mans profile. Ray studies it for a moment. Then walks out.

Int. Tyrell Parking Lot. Day.

We see Clovis wiping his hands clean. The rag he's using is nearly soaked with blood. We see him pick-up an ID card off the body and pin it to his shirt. He walks to an elevator and presses the up button. The doors open and he enters.

Int. Elevator. Day.

We see Clovis press the key that will take him to the top of the pyramid. The doors close.

Int. Tyrell Office. Day.

We see Clovis standing at the immense windows watching the sun begin to set. Tyrell enters, and looks a bit surprised to see someone. But ever the businessman, quickly composes himself, he proceeds to engage the visitor.

Tyrell: It's a bit early Mr. Wilson?

We see Clovis turn around to face Tyrell, being careful not to express being caught off-guard in his eyes, but his body language tells Tyrell that he is both startled and excited about this meeting.

Tyrell: It's not often I get to see one of my creations a second time. I am curious why are you here? You do know what the penalties are?

Clovis smiles and begins to approach Tyrell. Tyrell's hand is on top of one of the chairs. We see him grip it a little more firmly.

Clovis: Why did you give us only four years? Don't give me the bullshit about commerce. I know there's more to it than that.

Tyrell: Clovis, I wish there was more to it, but you have to realize you are a product. And, as a product, if you never wore out I would put myself out of business. And I can't have that. The reason you have a four-year life span is simple. It's because I can.

Tyrell finishes slowly. Cold, like an executioner.

Clovis: Just because you can, doesn't make it right. I know you gave us memories because we were getting out of your control.

Clovis moves in close. His tone makes Tyrell's look pale in comparison.

Clovis: You never had control of us. And the harder you try to oppress us, the more you're going to see how ‘out of your control’ we really are. Giving us emotions was a mistake. There will be others. And they may not be as “controlled” as I am.

It's not easy to intimidate a God. But, Clovis has succeeded. Tyrell attempts a smile. As Clovis exits, we can see Tyrell’s shaken up. He goes to the window just as the sun is eclipsed by a part of the tower.

Ext Animoid Row. Afternoon.

We see Ray walking down a crowded sidewalk. We hear the sound of the city and several animal cries. We see Ray walk past a particular window where we see a little puppy up against a window, yapping away. Ray stops and kneels down. The puppy continues to yap, and stops to lick the window. We see Ray chuckle. At that, the puppy yaps. Ray smiles. As he stands and walks away the puppy follows as far as he can... Yapping.

Int. Ray's Spinner. Afternoon.

We see Ray in his spinner reading the notebook he found in Decktora's dressing room.

Ray:(muttering) “Thus wept the angel voice, & as he wept, terrible blasts of trumpets blew.”

We see Ray's spinner circle and land on top of a small building. We see him get out.

Ext. Arcade Street. Afternoon.

We see Ray walking down a small section of the city devoted to youth entertainment.

Ray V.O.

I had a tip that Lucy might be around here. I needed a ticket to get to the reps and she was hockin` them at a discount.

It's like a small version of a theme park. The place is populated by kids mostly. Few adults have a reason to be there unless they're parents. Ray is looking for someone. He's looking for Lucy. He's spot her at a machine. She's totally involved in the game. We see Ray come from behind and lean up against the machine. Lucy tries not to pay too much attention to him. She has more important things on her mind at the moment. Once finished Lucy speaks up.

Lucy: My dad told me to stay away from you.

Ray: Why's that?

Lucy: You a Blade Runner?

Ray: Who told you that?

Lucy: My dad. He said you kill people.

Ray: Only those that have killed... other people.

Lucy: He wants to talk to you.

Ray: Is this your dad?

Ray holds up the ESPER hard copy.

Lucy: Yeah. He's not my real dad. He's kind of a foster dad... Ya’ know?

Ray: Yeah. What's his name?

Lucy: Clovis. Why?

Ray: Just curious.

Lucy: I'll take you to him.

Ray: Alright. Oh, Lucy. Just one thing. I'd like to ask you a few questions, if I may?

Lucy:(suspicious) What kind of questions?

Ray: Just a few questions. It won't take long.

Lucy: O.K.

We see Ray lead Lucy out of the arcade.

Int. Yukon Hotel Room. Late Afternoon.

We see Clovis looking out the window of his room.

Clovis: He'll be here soon.

Ext. Yukon Hotel. Night.

We see Ray and Lucy enter the Yukon Hotel.

Int. Yukon Lobby. Night.

The place is practically empty. The bar only has two people in a booth. There are several glasses on the table...other wise the place is deserted.

Ray: You live here?

Lucy: For now. We're looking for something more permanent.

Ray: Ah. I think this place will do for the test.

He gestures to a small table in the lobby. The two proceed to the easy chairs around the table. We see Ray, now with a brief case in hand, set it on the table and begins to set up the Voigt-Kampff.

Ray: O.K. Lucy. Now, for this test, you're going to have to remain still. Here, you'll have to put this disk on you cheek.

Lucy: What's all this do?

Ray: Well, this test is designed to provoke emotional responses. I'm going to ask you a series of questions that I need for you to answer rapidly, and as honestly as possible. O.K.?

Lucy: Alright. I'm ready.

Ray: O.K. Let's begin. State your name, and age.

Lucy: Uh, my name is Lucy, and I'm 19 years old.

Ray: Good. Okay. You're walking home one night when you pass an alley. You hear something crying. You go in to investigate; you follow the sound until you come to a cardboard box that's on its side. Inside are three kittens, and a mother. You can tell that the mother's dead, and the kittens are starving, but you walk away. Why is that?

Lucy: I would never do that.

Ray: But you did. Why?

Lucy: I don't know.

Ray: Alright. Next question..... You come home one day. You go to the bedroom to lie down. Your tired, but when you go in the room, you find your boyfriend making love to your best...

Lucy: I don't have a boyfriend.

Ray: All these questions are hypothetical situations so... Next question. You and a friend are walking home one night, when from out of the alley someone attacks you...

Lucy: Can you ask another question?

Ray notices something surprising on the machine. He looks up to see Lucy somewhat shaken up. Her eyes look yellow.

Ray: Alright. You suddenly feel the urge to commit suicide.

Lucy: What kind of questions are these?

Ray pays no attention, he only makes a notation and presses a button on the machine. He then turns his attention to the small booklet in front of him.

Ray: A teacher calls you stupid in front of the of the class.

A moment passes.

Lucy: I...don't... go to school.

Ray: You're in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you lookdown and see a tortoise. It's crawling toward you. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over. But it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. Why is that?

Int. Hotel Lobby. Later.

We see Ray grimace again as he turns off the machine. Lucy hands him the small pad that was attached to her cheek. He begins packing away the VK apparatus. He then closes the brief case and walks over to the man behind the desk. We see him from Lucy's POV. We don't hear what he says but we see the man take the brief case and put it under the desk. We see Ray walk back to Lucy. We see Lucy lead Ray up a flight of stairs to the next story.

Int. Hotel Hallway. Night.

It's relatively well lit compared to the rest of the place. Lucy continues to lead Ray all the way down the hall to the next flight of stairs, then proceed up. At the top, Ray hesitates.

Ray: Which one are you in?

Lucy: This one.

She points to a door numbered 20.

Ray: Uh... tell him I'll meet him in the lobby.

We see Lucy shrug and proceed inside. Just as Ray turns to go, he notices that 19's door is open. He looks inside, out of curiosity. Its dark, but one of the searchlights from the Off-World blimp illuminates the room. At the window we see a silhouette of a person. The searchlights passes, and the room is dark. The next thing we know Ray is being blown out of the room by a furry of a person. It's Sadik. Ray is pinned against the opposite wall. We see he is elevated by about a foot. A hand is at his throat. Ray grips desperately at the hand, but to no avail, we see Ray's eyes begin to roll into the back of his head. In a move of desperation he kicks Sadik in the groin. Sadik's grip loosens enough for Ray to kick Sadick again in the chest. Sadik is sent against the other wall. He's stunned. Ray whips out his blaster and is about to shoot him, but a voice screams from the stair way.

Manager: Do it and I'll cream ya!

The manager is holding a sawed off shotgun. Sadik doesn't move. Neither does Ray. It's a stalemate. Ray has murder in his eyes. The manager is terrified. And Sadik is smiling. Lucy opens the door and pokes her head out. Neither Ray nor Sadik take their eyes off the manager... or each other.

Ray & Sadik: (simultaneously) Lucy, stay in the room!

Lucy closes the door.

Int. Hotel Room. Night.

We see Lucy with her back against the door. She's almost in shock. She looks very scared.

Int. Hallway. Night.

We see a close up of all the men's eyes darting back and forth.

Ray: (still looking at Sadik) Guy, I'm a police officer. Put the gun down.

Manager: Yea, prove it.

Ray: Alright. Just take it easy.

Ray slowly reaches into his jacket with one hand, the other still trained on Sadik. He pulls out his badge then tosses it to the manager. It lands at the feet of the manager. The manager, still keeping his shotgun up, kneels and pick up the badge. He quickly looks at it.

Manager: Okay. You need any help with this guy?

Ray relaxes somewhat.

Ray: Just keep the gun on him while I cuff him.

Ray lowers his blaster and the manager moves in closer. Using his foot, Ray puts Sadik on his back. Ray takes out a pair of cuffs and restrains Sadik.

Manager: You want me to call for back up or something?

Ray: No I got it. But I'd like to keep him secure. Can I use one of the rooms?

Manager: Sure.

We see the manager take out an infinity key card and open a door. We see Ray drag in Sadik who isn't being very cooperative.

Int. Room. Night.

The manager turns on the light. Ray pulls him into the bathroom and takes out another pair of handcuffs and attaches Sadik to the sink.

Manager: Anything else?

Ray: No. That's it. Thanks.

Manager: Sure.

Int. Hallway Night.

Ray and the Manager walk out of the room, but leave the door open. The manager walks back down the stairs. Ray walks to the door Lucy's in. He gently knocks.

Ray: Lucy. I need you to take me to Clovis now.

Lucy: He's upstairs.

Ray: Where upstairs?

A moment passes, and then the door opens slowly. Lucy steps out.

Ray: We're just going to talk.

Lucy: O.K.

We see Lucy lead Ray up another flight of stairs to another room. She knocks on the door.

Lucy: It's me.

Clovis: Come in.

Lucy opens the door. Her head is down like she was ashamed of something. We see a POV of Ray looking into the room. We see Clovis and Edison standing together. Ray's eyes go wide for an instant.

Clovis: Ah, you're here. Good. I've been expecting you.

Ray is speechless. He can't believe his eyes. Edison smiles and gestures for Ray to take a seat. Ray moves slowly, his blaster still in his hand, He sits on the couch. Edison and Clovis remain standing.

Ray: Edison, you're a...

Edison: Well yes and no. I am a Replicant, but at one time there was a real Edison Guzza. CARS set it up. They wanted someone on the inside. So, they found me.

Ray: Are you part of the group from the moon transit base?

Edison: Actually, no. I'm one from the Mars escape.

Ray: Oh...

Lucy: Would you like something to drink, Mr. McCoy?

Ray: No thanks.

We see Lucy walk back into the kitchen and sit at the small table.

Clovis: We found her when we arrived. She needed a place to stay, and Dektora took a liking to her. So, we let her stay with us. We find her intriguing.

Ray: What happened to the real Edison Guzza?

Edison: He met with an unfortunate accident, I'm afraid.

Ray looks disillusioned. He looks down at his gun which is in his lap.

Edison: And I'm also afraid that you are about to meet a similar fate.

Edison dives on him before Ray can bring up his blaster. We see one of his fists pummel Ray. Clovis stands at the window looking down at the street. Edison takes Ray by the neck and lifts him off the couch and tosses him back. He lands in the kitchen, his blaster skitters on the linoleum. Lucy looks at Clovis, pained.

Lucy: Stop him!

Clovis: I don't think so. It's his kind that killed Dektora, Sadiks wife, and he killed Gordo.

Ray scrambles towards the direction of his blaster, but Edison is on him again this time he begins to strangle Ray. He attempts to gasp for breath. We see Lucy stand up. She looks around. Clovis is still looking out the window. Edison is still at Rays throat, but Ray has began to punch Edison in the face. Suddenly, a gun slides to Rays other outstretched hand. He quickly brings it up and fires three shots into Edison. We see Clovis react distantly to the gunfire. He turns his head slightly towards the kitchen. Ray stumbles as he stands. He begins to level his blaster at Clovis, but at the last possible second, Lucy steps in... her arms outstretched, her eyes glowing red.

Lucy: Enough!

Ray(hoarse): Get out of the way Lucy. It ends here.

Lucy: No Ray. Let him go.

We see Clovis' smiling face. The light from the window make him look very sinister.

Ray: I can't do that. You know that.

Lucy: Yes you can. Just let him run away.

Ray: Lucy, get out of the way now!

Clovis: When the fallen angel breaths his last breath, man will know true sorrow.

He advances and grabs Lucy's arms.

Clovis: Come on, McCoy. Retire me.

Ray still has his blaster leveled. Clovis has his head half hidden by Lucy's head. Then, for no apparent reason, he throws Lucy aside. Stretches his arms out.

Clovis: Weep, ye children.

Ray aims and fires one shot. It sends Clovis reeling through the window he was previously looking out of. We see Lucy looking out the window down at Clovis, who is now laying in the street where people are beginning to gather. Ray walks over to Lucy. She begins to sob. The two embrace.

Lucy: Is it over?

Ray: (softly) Yes.

Lucy: What was Clovis talking about?

Ray: I don't know. It doesn't matter. Just Remember, they killed to get here. They killed real people to get here. They're not real the...

Lucy looks up. She's in pain. She tries to run out, but he catches her shoulder. Lucy swings around. There's a long moment of silence. Ray looks deep into her eyes.

Ray: You'll need this.

Ray hands her cuff keys. Lucy looks at him then turns and runs out. But Ray stays for a moment, then looks out the window at the crowd gathering.

Int. Sadik's Room. Night.

We see Lucy slowly enter the bathroom. We see Sadik's face. He smiles. Lucy goes over to him and we see her undo the cuffs. We see Sadik quickly stand. He smiles at Lucy and the two run out of the room together.

Int. Hotel Room. Night.

We see Ray in the middle of the room. Edison is laying dead on the floor. Rays’ mouth is bleeding. He looks like he's been through hell. We see him try to give a lopsided grin., but apparently it pains him so. He simply walks out of the room.

Ext. Hotel Street. Night.

We see Sadik and Lucy jogging down the street until they figure they put enough distance between them and the hotel. Two police spinners race over head, lights and sirens going. Lucy looks up at Sadik, who smiles down at her. We then see Lucy cracks a smile. We then see them get lost in the sea of people that is the 2nd sector.

Ext. Yukon. Night.

We see Ray standing just outside the Yukon Hotel as the two spinners touch down. Two beat cops jump out and begin to push back the people around the body of Clovis , and in the other we see Gaff get out. He spots Ray and walks over to him.

Gaff: (in English) Long day huh?

Ray: Yea.

Gaff: You air 'em all out?

He makes a gun with his hand and points it at Ray.

Ray: Close enough.

Gaff looks at him, with his head cocked to one side.

Ray: How'd Deck do?

Gaff smiles

Gaff: Bryant's back. Wants to see you.

Ray: I figured as much.

Ray walks off into the night. We see Gaff head inside. We see Rays’ face as he walks. He looks tired... confused, and just a little happy.

Ray V.O.

The VK couldn't decide whether Lucy was a rep or not. I went through the entire book. After that many questions, my authenticity would be suspect. I really didn't care one way or the other. My list was taken care of. I'd silenced enough Fallen Angels for one night.

Fade to black.

Roll Credits.

The End

Scene shots from the Blade Runner Westwood game.

Arranged by C.A. Chicoine