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December 2013
  • The White Dragon Cut v 4.0, torrent now available -- HERE! 
  • Modified the Main page's header to include the unicorn stereoscope image from the White Dragon Cut.
  • Added a new Blade Runner fan-fiction story link to the KippleZone Facebook page.

November 2013

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March 2013
  • Added a copy of the letter Sara Campbell sent to CINEFANTASTIQUE magazine, Volume 9, Number 1 -- 1979, to the CITYSPEAK Revisited website, HERE.  
  • Created a Facebook page for KippleZone! -> https://www.facebook.com/KippleZone
  • Created a video to accompany a poem read by Rutger Hauer for the Facebook page. Video HERE.
  • Created page for lyrics to "My Mind Lies" for the KippleZone Facebook page.
  • Titied up the website a bit and fixed some links.
  • An installation of the CITYSPEAK: SPECIAL EDITION fanzine is once again available online. However, it is not presented in its entirity. But it is better than nothing at all. Here is the link-> CITYSPEAK: SPECIAL EDITION

February 2013

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August 2012
  • Limited time exclusive from KippleZone! Blade Runner White Dragon Cut Vers. 4.0 torrent! EXPIREDThis treat is being offered exclusively for KippleZone website visitors for a limited time only. The link will be removed August 13, 2012.  The file is 7.22 GB

July 2012
  • Added link to the Westwood's Blade Runner game section -- an 'endings' guide.
  • Morgan Paull, the actor who played the memorable role of Dave Holden in the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, died July 17, 2012, at his home in Ashland, Ore. He was 67. More HERE.
  • Family Guy Blade Runner screenplay is completed! The Peter Griffin Cut.

June 2012

May 2012
  • Seven years ago this month, KippleZone was created! It has come a long way. And I am very pleased with how it developed. Its content is all that I hoped it would be. Very proud, indeed.     
  • OFF-WORLD NEWS Update for April 2012
  • Added link to Blade Runner fanfiction, Blade Runner Blues, by Ward Jones  

April 2012

March 2012
  • Construction on this brand new website has begun! Please be patient. 
  • The DADoES/Blade Runner Glossary has been revised and updated. 
  • The Douglas Trumbull article has been updated. 
  • Added Amanda Werner to the DADoES/Blade Runner Glossary.
  • Improved the definition of Voight-Kampff and added Bill Barbour to the DADoES/B-R Glossary.
  • The newly designed Penfield comic strip is up! Wavelength and P.M.O.
  • The long overdue fanfiction story, (the second half of the fanfiction story, Tomorrow Started) titled Awaiting Dawn is now up on the website.

February 2012 

  • Off-world News updated with more Blade Runner related news!
  • CITYSPEAK: Revisited article is online!
  • Rephrased the wording on the Welcome and About pages.
  • Deleted the old CITYSPEAK material on the website. The same material is be available in the article, titled CITYSPEAK Revisited.
  • Newly revised Fanfiction page created for KippleZone is now live!
  • Fanfiction story, Tomorrow Started is completed!
January 2012

>A new Off-world News page has been created for the new year at Google+ Off-world News

December 2011

>Off-world News updated with more Blade Runner related news!

>I brought the CITYSPEAK article out of hibernation. I've been working on that the past two weeks. I am waiting on some more feedback from some folks. I hope to have it posted sometime in January.

November 2011

>Off-world News updated with more Blade Runner related news!

>@OffWorldNews Twitter site continues to be very active with news, (including a couple of screenings of Blade Runner!).

>KippleZone's YouTube channel has been updated with new vids. And a new video from Vimeo has been added to the Multimedia/Video section of this website.
>The Penfield parody has been restored. (Unfortunately, the images are poor quality. The comic strip was originally hosted by the now defunct Gnomz.com, and this was all I could provide.) It is my hope that, in the future, these comics will be properly crafted.
>Adde a Vimeo Album to the video section of KippleZone. More Blade Runner fandom vids!

October 2011

>Added an excellent walkthrough link for the Westwood Blade Runner game amongst the kipple.

June 2011

>Updated the Blade Runner Timeline.

>The comic strip Penfield is currently down. (I used Gnomz as the comic strip generator, and they are no longer up.) I will see about having it redone using another platform. (And it would also be nice to create a new one.)   

May 2011

>Keeping up to date with Off-world News on Twitter.  :)

April 2011
>Added Esper Machine to the DADoES/Blade Runner Glossary. (I don't know HOW this was overlooked!)
>I have some cleaning up to do in the website. And I still hope to finish an article I started a few years back to add here.  :)

March 2011

>There's a Blade Runner Revival happening! -- AGAIN! See Off-world News, and @OffworldNews on Twitter!
>Updated KippleZone's YouTube page.
>Added Blade Runner: The Musical proposal.

January 2011
>New chapter to Doug Humphrey's Serve the Servants.
>Removed the KippleZone Forums.
December 2010

>Keeping up-to-date with the Off-world News blog and Twitter.

>Found issues with the KippleZone Forum. ALL links and images are gone! Really sucks. A lot of work went into that forum. My thought is to delete the forum and just continue with the blog. The thing is, I had a lot of PKD related material in there - which is not Blade Runner related. So, at the moment, I'll keep the forum as it is until I decide what to do.

>There are some vids I need to link to at the KippleZone YouTube page, (I've been neglecting that), but the better ones that I've come across, (BR-related), have been posted at the Off-world News blog   

September 2010
>Off-World News blog updated!
>Chapter 10 of Serve the Servants added!
August 2010

> Chapter 9 of Serve the Servants added!

July 2010

> Nothing

June 2010
> Created a new Off-world News blog. I'll be transitioning the Off-world News from the Yahoo! Group to Blogger.
April 2010 
> Keeping up-to-date with Off-World News.
> Added two more chapters to Doug's story Serve the Servants.
February 2010
>Updated Off-World News.
>Added two new chapters to Doug Humphrey's Serve the Servants fan-fiction.
>Tidied the website up a bit.

January 2010

>Added more vids to KippleZone's YouTube Channel
>Adding new Blade Runner fan-fiction story as it is written. Serve the Servants, by Doug Humphrey.
>New KippleZone logo!
>Always keeping you up-to-date on Blade Runner news with the Off-World News, @OffWorldNews at Twitter, and PKD news in the KippleZone Forums.
>Replaced vids in Trumbull article that were removed off-site.

November 2009
>Keeping up with the Off-World News.  :) 

October 2009
>Nothing planned for the time being. My creative energies have been spent elswhere. But we'll see.

September 2009
>Touched-up on a mistake pointed out by a fellow fan, and corrected some other boo-boos I found.  
>New vid added to VIDEO page, in the MULTIMEDIA section.

August 2009
>Glossary completed!
>Added Simon Parton's latest Voigt-Kampff Test to Kipple section. Version 2.6!

July 2009
Took some unintended time away from KippleZone in June. I finished up a sci-fi story I had been working on the past year.  PKD fans would like it.  It's called Lonely Satellite.
I have other projects in the works that I must attend to as well.  I'll continue working on the Glossary when I can.  It's tedious work that I can do when not feeling so creative.

May 2009
> Re-organizing the Glossary section,(Under Construction). 
> Updating some terms.
> Added "Talking Gadget Theatre: Blade Runner" widget to Welcome page.

April 2009
> New original fan-fiction added!  "Alternate Days", by Doug Humphrey
> Updated the Blade Runner Timeline.
March 2009
> Added an Off-World News Twitter widget to the site!

February 2009
> MEMORIA ~ Blade Runner: The Rock Project article updated!  New article!  New music!  

January 2009 
> One article for the website is on hold.
> Featured fanfiction is on hold until further notice.

November 2008
>Added Spiddle to the Kipple page.
>KippleZone Forum continues to be up-dated with various postings...as well as the Off-World News...and the KippleZone YouTube Channel!
Stay tuned!
October 2008
>Added a photo of PKD to illustrate his fandom for the Glossary section.  (Thanks to Paul)
>Created the Off-World Community page.
>Created a KippleZone Merchandise page.
>Added Simon Parton's Voigt-Kampff Test to Kipple section.
>Created a new page. , written by Ghostof82.
>Created a CITYSPEAK Forum to discuss the material within the CITYPEAK issues.  
>Changed viewing format of CITYSPEAK.  It is now presented in a "slideshow" format. 
September 2008
>Added Blade Runner Down. 
>Many hidden gems throughout this website. (Particularly in the Forum)  ;)
>Also added Ridleyville.com to links sector (finally!)
>Edited YouTube content.
>Added new KippleZone's YouTube page.
>New story link in Stories section.
>Touched-up a few things, and corrected some broken links.
>Added links on Welcome page to World Community Grid and SETI at Home Blade Runner groups. Please consider joining in the cause.  Makes good use of your computer time whether at work or idle. 
August 2008
Added more YouTube content.
Created a YouTube2 page.
July 2008
Added more YouTube content.
Updated the Douglas Trumbull article.

April 2008 
Added new YouTube content.
Reorganized the website.
Added a new forum to the Forum.
More to follow!

February 2008
Added NEW, exclusive Blade Runner fan-fiction by Mark Hinsley.  Blade Runner - Redemption.
Added new Blade Runner link in Resources section.
Added new YouTube content.
Brought back a "treat" that was made unavailable on the web, until now...in the Resources section. 
Updated The DADoES and Blade Runner Glossary, to include 'The Final Cut'.
The never-ending touching up/correcting/updating of various elements. 
>Lyrics written by yours truly.
>An update/follow-up on the MEMORIA article.
December 2007
Added link to a short fanfiction in the Related Links section.  Replaced B/R Westwood game vid.  Added a cool banner on the Welcome page, courtesy of лезвию - Blade Stopper

November 2007
Wow! No updates for October.  Well...I've been keeping the Blade Runner related news up-to-date at Off-World News.
Off-World News  Off-World News. Keep up to date on special events involving the Blade Runner multiverse!
I'm still working on lyrics for the Blade Runner Rock Project.  I'll post more on this as it develops. 
Updated movie trailers in Trumbull article.
Have a better one!
September 2007
Work is underway to rewrite the lyrics to Memoria's masterpieces in English, with yours truly.  :)  I'll post updates here!  
Added the actor's name who played the character of Abdul Ben-Hassan to the DADoES/BR Glossary.  This had been a mystery until the credits rolled on the premiere of "Blade Runner:  The Final Cut" in Italy.
Added two new links in the Related Links section.

August 2007
Exclusive interview with...

July 2007
More YouTube content.  Triva on Clango, and  CITYSPEAK (the first edition) added to Kipple.


June 2007
Added new YouTube content.
May 2007
I changed the name of the misc. section from Kippling to Kipple.  (Folks were being directed here with the hopes of finding information about Rudyard Kipling.)
Updated the bibliography section.
Added some more triva to the Kipple about Dan O'Bannon.
New videos added to YouTube page.
April 2007
Created Blade Art Runner page.  This will contain fan-created art.  Our first feature:
Spinner Birthday Cake!
March 2007
Added some more links, and a book to the bibliography section, on Resources page.  Added a vid of Westwood's Blade Runner game intro. (And touched-up up a few things.)on Blade Runner Games page.  Added English translation, from Italian, for  BRONCOVIZ: Blade Runner, a Blade Runner parody, (Thanks to Planta) on YouTube! page. 
Added the Blade Runner Parodies Blade Bummer, by CRAZY Comics, and Albedo Anthropomorphics' Bad Rubber to Kipple section.  
Added new fanfiction story link to the Related Links section.!  Mandroid, By Matt Ediger.  Written by the same screenplay writer who gave you Fallen Angels. It's a prequel to DADoES, from the perspective of Dave Holden.
Added new pictures of CRL's Blade Runner game poster, on Blade Runner Games page.
Added some intersting links in the KippleZone Forums.
Added more to the DADoES/Blade Runner Glossary.
Completed article for BladeZone.  Douglas Trumbull: In Retrospect

February 2007

Worked on the Kippling (Formally Miscellaneous) sector, and added some more definitions to the Glossary.  Touched-up a few things. I also added some more information to the Sequel's section about Blade Runner Down, and the Games section. Added a Blade Runner Timeline to Welcome page.  Added a weblink page to Blade Runner tributes on YouTube, in the Related Links section. Added web links to Resources section.  "The Long Tomorrow" has been added to the Kippling section.  Reworked and changed Guestbook to About.

Comments and questions are encouraged!


December 2006

Touched-up the Penfield page.


November 2006

Added the Blade Runner fan-fiction script Fallen Angels to the Stories section.


October 2006

"BladeRunnerwocky" added to Poetry page.

"Tomorrow Started" is being re-vamped.  Expect it to return to KippleZone in the near future. 

Added a new link.  Electric Sheep.  It is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all over the world. 


September 2006

Added Babel Fish Translation to the site for our international visitors.


July 2006

New to the site, KippleZone's own Forums of Kipple.

June 2006

New to the site, KippleZone's 

The DADoES and blade runner Glossary

Includes site search engine using Google.

May 2006

More added to the story "Tomorrow Started", in Stories section.

Updated  A Selective Bibliography of Blade Runner on the Resources page.

March 2006

As featured on BladeZone, Dave Christen has done a great job in giving us this latest submission - his own writeup of the Syd Mead Presentation. I submitted the scans for this article.  The article is also posted here on the Miscellaneous page. 

February 9, 2006

Added a link to fan-fiction story "Blade Runner: Second Unit," By Jeff Walker to the Related Links page.


Regarding FanFiction "To Learn to Live": 

"To all of my loyal readers:

I regret to inform you that I will be taking an indefinite break from my fanfictions. I am currently working on my novel and I need to focus all of my attention on it. I will leave my stories up for you to read because I really do appreciate all of your kind comments and endless encouragement. You all rock!

Truly, I remain,

Dawn Moon"


February 4 & 5, 2006

Added an art work by Patryk Wawer to the Poetry section opening page, have a new look, and replaced a couple other photos.

More work underway! 

Monday, January 23, 2006

Added a tad bit more to story Tomorrow Started.  More to follow.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Added the most comprehensive Blade Runner Personality Test to Contact Me page.  "Which Blade Runner Character Are You? "


Monday, December 19, 2005

Added a link to fan-fiction story "Holden's Last Case"  to Related Links page.  And added "A Selective Bibliography of Blade Runner" to Resources page.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Touched up a few things and added some photos.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stories section

Added the second installment of Tomorrow Started. 


Monday, November 14, 2005

Added  "The Long Tomorrow",  comic strip to Miscellaneous section.  The comic came to the attention of Ridley Scott and was a key visual reference for Blade Runner.


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Site has been transferred  to Tripod.  It is now better organized. 


Thursday, November 3, 2005

In the midst of moving site to new host.  Expect disruptions.  Cheers! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Stories Page
Added chapter four of Dawn's excellent story To Learn to Live.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stories Page
Added chapter three of Dawn's excellent story To Learn to Live.

Friday, October 14, 2005

To Learn to Live
Chapter 2 posted!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

To Learn to Live
A new Blade Runner fan-fiction story added to Stories page!  This one is by Dawn Moon, and is based on the Westwood Studios Blade Runner game scenario.  It is titled To Learn to Live.  It will be presented in segments.  I am honoured to host and present this cliff-hanging story.  Enjoy! 


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tomorrow Started

I decided to post the fan-fiction story Tomorrow Started in monthly segments.  The first installment is now posted.  Enjoy!


Friday, August 5, 2005

Story Update

Due to circumstances beyond my control the completion and posting of the story "Tomorrow Started" has been delayed.  I anticipate its' debut before October 2005.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Projects in the Works.
Fanfiction story, "Tomorrow Started", is being re-written (yet again).  I hope to have it online by mid-July.
"CITYSPEAK", an electronica piece, is still under development.
Poem tentatively titled "I Dreamt Music" put on hold.
A "Penfield" spoof advertisement could use a graphic designer's help.  This one is on hold.
And, lastly, an MPEG short featuring "Mercer" to be featured in the coming months.  More on that as it develops.
That's all for now.  Keep in touch!
10:04 pm edt

Keeping up to date!
This blog will keep returning Blade Runner Enthusiasts up to date on projects featured on KippleZone.
9:37 pm edt