The KiP (Knowledge in Pieces) Community

The KiP community is a research community organized around shared values and principles such as an orientation to building learning theory and an emphasis on "knowledge analysis" as exemplified by the approach taken by researchers using the "knowledge in pieces" (diSessa, 1993) theoretical perspective. 

The community is engaged in in-depth discussions about research and theory building through workshops,  collaborations in conferences and publications. We aim to create a larger and more identifiable presence of our theoretical and methodological stances among professional organizations and in the fields of learning sciences, science and math education, and cognitive science.

KiP Community Listserv
If you would like to be up to date about the current activities of the KiP community, please send a message to Mariana Levin (mlevin AT msu DOT edu) and you will be added to our list serve and google group.  
New KiP publications (and pre-publications)
Please see the "Recent Research" section for abstracts and links to new KiP-related publications and pre-publications.

April 2013 News

We will be having our annual KiP community dinner at AERA in San Francisco.  Please contact Lauren Barth-Cohen, lbarth (at) berkeley (dot) edu to RSVP and for more details.

April 2012 News

We had a very nice KiP community gathering before AERA in Vancouver.  Pictures from the evening are below:

KiP community dinner in Vancouver

June 2011 News

On Friday, June 3, members of the KiP Community attending JPS had a lovely community dinner and 64th birthday celebration in Berkeley for Andy diSessa. 

KiP Community 2011 and Andy's 64th

March 2011 News

KiP community dinner in Berkeley
Given the large number of people from the KiP community attending the meeting of the Jean Piaget Society in Berkeley, CA this June 2-4, there will be a KiP community dinner on the evening of Friday, June 3. Contact Mari Levin (mlevin@msu.edu), Orit Parnafes (oritpa@post.tau.ac.il), or Hillary Swanson (hswanson@berkeley.edu) by May 1 if you plan to attend.  

Third edition of the newsletter
Start thinking ahead to the next edition of the newsletter.  If you have new publications, awards, grants, jobs, etc.  please let editors Rosemary Russ (r-russ@northwestern.edu), Victor Lee (victor.lee@usu.edu) or Mari Levin (mlevin@msu.edu) know.

September 2010 News

July 2010 News

AERA 2011 - KiP collaborations
Proposals for AERA 2011 -- due July 15 (extended to July 22)

KiP Community Newsletter

We are soliciting contributions for our second KiP community newsletter (to appear September 2010).

Rosemary Russ (r-russ AT northwestern DOT edu) and Victor Lee are the editors and coordinators of the newsletter.     

Please send any items for the newsletter to them by August 15, 2010.  

June 2010 News

KiPshop 2010 at ICLS

The second workshop of the KiP community took place Tuesday, June 29 at ICLS 2010 in Chicago.  The workshop theme was 

"Integrating Knowledge and Interaction in Analyses of Cognition and Activity"

KiPshop 2010

See the workshop website KiPshop2010 for more information!

May 2010 News

KiP community researchers converged on Leuven, Belgium for the 7th Biennial Meeting of the EARLI Conceptual Change Special Interest Group.  Shuly Kapon, Olivia Levrini, Mari Levin, Dave Pratt, Andy diSessa, and Thomas Philip attended and presented work on a wide range of topics including explanatory primitives and analogical reasoning, case-based reflections on practices of theory development, ideology change, and teacher learning and conceptual change.

The next EARLI CC SIG meeting will be September 1-4, 2012 in Trier, Germany. 

June 2009 News

KiPshop 2009 at AERA

The first activity of the KiP community took place at AERA in San Diego.  The workshop theme was:

"What is knowledge analysis?"

KiPshop 2009


To learn more, visit the site for the 2009 "Knowledge Analysis" Workshop.

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