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NOTICE: If you have a version of Flint Craft for 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 that is earlier than the ones below, please re-download.

All the previous versions had a damage value for tempered flint, which was a mistake and has since been fixed.

This mod works with both Modloader (ML) and Forge Modloader (FML). You don't have to start a new world.

This mod is compatible with my other mods, though you might have to change some IDs in the config file.

Also compatible with my Smeltable Gravel mod, which adds a recipe to smelt gravel into flint. It will however stop Chert Craft from being able to smelt chert from gravel. Which doesn't matter really, since there are so many other ore types and you can craft the chert found in the world into flint, so double bonus. I recommend using my alternate base class replacement that makes gravel always drop flint when mined.

This mod was created by Minecraftforum.net member '666mayhem666' and has given me permission to update his mod for him until he has spare time for modding. Everything from the previous version of Flint Craft is the same, with the exception of the Sharpener, which is back in Flint Craft. Also added is redstone chunks, which is covered in the Sharpener Details below.

I will be keeping this page up while I am updating this mod. Please use the mod authors forum post to post comments, feedback and suggestions. If you like this mod then click the green button in the bottom right of his post.

Flint Craft Forum Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/392218-

Flint Craft Mod Website: http://lun3x.tk/flintcraft.html

Sphax PureBDCraft 32x-128x Texture Packs: http://bdcraft.net/forum/128x-32xflintcraft-151r

Flint Armor. First one is using the Sphax 32x Texturepack. Using Risugamis Armor Stand.


Ever wondered why flint in Minecraft has so few uses, I mean arrows, flint and steel and- that's it!?

This mod adds flint armor, tools, weapons and more...

Flint armour is between iron and leather, in durability and protection.

Flint tools are as powerful as stone tools, have durability between stone and iron and are as fast as iron.

Flint swords are as powerful as iron, but have a lower durability.

Sharpened flint is made by sharpening flint with the flint sharpener.

Sharpened flint tools are as powerful as diamond, have durability between wood and stone and have the cutting speed of gold.

Sharpened flint swords are as powerful as diamond, but with low durability.

Tempered flint is made by smelting flint in a furnace.

Tempered flint armor is between iron and diamond, in both protection and durability.

Flint hatchets have low durability, and a slightly slower cutting speed than flint axes.

Sharpened flint hatchets have even lower durability, but a faster cutting speed than flint hatchets.

Both can be crafted in a 2x2 grid, and require less resources.

(This sharpener is my interpretation of the previous sharpener from older versions of Flint Craft.)

Flint Sharpener: (works best outside of creative mode) A crafted hand-held tool that can sharpen flint (somewhere in your inventory) when you hold the right mouse button. After sharpening ten or so flint, it runs out of redstone and becomes empty and may break. If it didn't break, you can refill it by holding the right mouse button again, of course you need redstone (somewhere in your inventory). When refilling it, you scrape out the old redstone and may get some redstone chunks which can be crafted back into redstone by crafting nine redstone chunks. When refilling it, there is a small chance you may fail at putting the redstone in. You can also craft an empty flint sharpener by using a redstone chunk instead of a redstone.

***Special Tip***

To make this hand-held sharpener work like a furnace style sharpener, make sure you have enough supplies in your inventory to sharpen the amount of flint you want as well as extra sharpeners in your inventory bar. Then make sure you are in a safe location. Once you do those things, then select the sharpener in the inventory bar. Then get some tape and tape your right mouse button down. If your sharpener breaks, use the mouse wheel to select another sharpener.

Flint Sharpener Recipe:

Redstone Chunk Recycle Recipe:

Flint Sharpener Recipe

Flint Armor Recipes:

Tempered Flint Armor Recipes:

Flint Tools Recipes:

Sharpened Flint Tools Recipes:

Flint Hatchet Recipes:

Crafting Flint out of Gravel:

There is a config file generated in your 'mods' folder for ID compatibility issues.


In your 'mods' folder.


However you install your mods.


This config file is generated in the config folder.

In your 'mods' folder. (Both Client and Server)


Install the proxy folder and class files from the flintcraft zip into your server jar. (Only Server)

Chert Craft Flint Craft Patch:

This will enable you to harvest Petrified Chert using Flint Crafts axes.

Install in the "Chert Craft" zip file in your "mods" folder.

Chert Craft Flint Craft Patch 1.5.2


Flint Craft 1.5.2Sr1 FML SMP 1.5.2 - Both Client and Server use the same zip file.

Flint Craft 1.5.2r1a FML ML 1.5.2

Flint Craft 1.5.1r1b FML ML 1.5.1