Chert Craft Mod



Chert Armor. Using Risugamis Armor Stand.

What is Chert?

This mod works with both Modloader (ML) and Forge Modloader (FML).

This mod is compatible with my other mods, though you might have to change some IDs in the config file.

Also compatible with my Smeltable Gravel mod, which adds a recipe to smelt gravel into flint. It will however stop Chert Craft from being able to smelt chert from gravel. Which doesn't matter really, since there are so many other ore types and you can craft the chert found in the world into flint, so double bonus.

Chert Craft will work with the Tall n Deep Mod and generates most cherts double the vanilla world height and should spawn in every layer. Nether cherts should have a chance to spawn in every layer.

Compatible with Mushroom Torch Mod using the Mushroom Torch "c" version.

1.5.2r1a (Currently downloaded as 1.5.2r1 until next update) Adds new armor textures and new textures for some tools.

1.5.1r3 (Link removed due to incompatibility with 1.5.2, use previous version) Adds a version checker, which is currently and intentionally set to be the wrong version so the message will show up on the screen, doing this just to test it out, will be corrected at some point.


1.5.1r2b (Currently downloaded as 1.5.1r2 until next update) adds new ores, new tools, armor, spears, some code fixes and ore spawn changes. Pictures for the new items coming soon. If you get a "NumberFormatException" error, your config file is missing the new items, delete it and try again. If you already did that, then find the matching IDs from your mods configs and change them until it works.

1.5.1 makes the mod universal for FML and ML.

The IDs change. A config file for FML with the IDs used in the previous FML versions.

All blocks and items have new names and will need a fresh world to generate in, sorry.

Video Spotlight with the new stuff

Thank you "Harry Mess"

(some bugs spotted, fixed the weapon damage and other stuff)


This mod adds new stone to your world that you can mine and craft from. The new stone generates in random sizes ranging from very small to large. it currently includes five tool and five armor sets available to craft with balanced specs to fit into the vanilla world, as well as non-throwable spears. These spears are weapons and mining tools with low durability made diagonally with two sticks and by using wooden planks, gravel, chert stone, petrified chert or nether quartz.

(Petrified Chert has a sister ore named Petrified Wood which is what petrified chert was supposed to be)

Petrified Chert is an ore that spawns completely different than other ores. This ore looks like a leaf block and spawns in and on top of trees. They break like normal leaves when punched or harvested with shears. Using an axe on them will let you harvest the petrified chert. Petrified Chert can be made into an axe or spear and can be cooked in the furnace to get Carbonized Chert which is three times as powerful as using coal in the furnace.

*TIP* Petrified Chert is see-through in both fancy and fast graphics.

Smelt chert sands into chert glass panels, then craft those panels into chert glass. Build walls, stairs and pressure plates out of chert bricks which are smelted from chert stone. Furnaces can also be built out of chert stone.

Unstable chert is a handy way to make torches or to smelt stuff in the furnace but watch out, it will explode when you mine it and if your close enough it can damage you or even knock you off a ledge to your death.

Hardcore mode and an unnoticed unstable chert can be a game killer. The explosion may kill you or just hurt you, watch out. Stand a few yards away from it when mining. Unstable chert may also be hit by lightning, if this happens to you please let me know so I know it works.

You can now smelt gravel, but unlike my Smeltable Gravel mod (which should override chert crafts gravel smelt recipe), Chert Craft smelts gravel into chert which can be crafted from. A new gunpowder recipe is included and uses the same as my Craft Gunpowder mod, but instead of flint it uses white chert. You can also use charcoal instead of coal, as well as unstable chert.

Chert Craft Items:


Mined (Or Smelted) From:


Gravel: or

Blackened Chert:

White Chert: or

Red Chert:

Red Chert Ore:

Golden Chert:

Golden Chert Ore:

White Chert:

White Chert Ore:

Unstable Chert:

Unstable Chert Ore:

Chert Stone:

Chert Stone Ore:

Chert Brick:

Chert Stone:

Chert Glass Panels:

1.5.1r2 Additions

Cobalt Chert Glass Panel:

Chert Sand: 1.5.1r2 Additions

Cobalt Chert:

Cobalt Chert Sand: Cobalt Chert Ore:

Petrified Chert:

Petrified Chert Ore (special leaf block):

Carbonized Chert:

Petrified Chert:

See Chert Craft Screenshots, Smelting and Crafting Recipes for recipes and screenshots of the new items in-game.

Most recipes are in the same style as the vanilla recipes.


The IDs and can be changed in the config file in case of mod incompatibility. To get the axes to work with Treecapitator, add 256 to the Item ID and add those shifted IDs into your Treecapitator config file.


Use the axe item shifted IDs below in your Treecapitator config file to get Chert axes to work.

Use these IDs for 1.5.1 and above:

-coming soon-

Use these IDs for 1.4.7 and below:

Default FML Axe Item Shifted IDs: 8789; 8799; 8809; 8819

The FML IDs are not changeable.

Default ML Axe Item Shifted IDs: 3521; 3522; 3523; 3524

The ML IDs are changeable in the config file.


Install this version by placing the downloaded class files into your "minecraft.jar" file (Don't worry the folders will just add the new contents without removing anything)


Install this version by placing the downloaded zip file into your "mods" folder.


However you install your mods.

If for some reason you like the old armor texture, here they are. I still like them...

Put them in your Chert Craft zip file, replace existing armor textures in the "armor" folder.

1.5.2 Retro Armor 16x Textures (original armor texture before above in picture)

Chert Craft Flint Craft Patch:

This will enable you to harvest Petrified Chert using Flint Crafts axes.

Install in the "Chert Craft" zip file in your "mods" folder.

Chert Craft Flint Craft Patch 1.5.2


FML and ML Universal Version:




Config file with IDs for FML (put in "mods" folder):

Chert Craft 1.5.1r1 Config with FML IDs

Use this download for Forge Modloader.

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.4.7r2 FML 1.4.7

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.4.7r1 FML 1.4.7

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.4.6r2 FML 1.4.6

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.4.6r1 FML 1.4.6

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.0.5 FML 1.4.4/1.4.5

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.0.4d FML 1.4.4/1.4.5

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.0.4c FML 1.4.2

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.0.4 FML 1.4.1

KinyoshiMods ChertCraft 1.0.3b FML 1.3.2

Use this download for Modloader.

Chert Craft Mod 1.4.7r2 ML 1.4.7

Chert Craft Mod 1.4.7r1 ML 1.4.7

Chert Craft Mod 1.4.7r2 ML 1.4.6

Chert Craft Mod 1.4.7r1 ML 1.4.6

Chert Craft Mod 1.4 ML 1.4.4/1.4.5

Chert Craft Mod 1.3d ML 1.3.2

Use this version for Minecraft 1.2.5:

Chert Craft Mod 1.0b ML 1.2.5

Use this Optional download to stop the random flint drop when mining gravel:

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.5.2

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.5.1

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.4.7

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.4.6

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.4.4/1.4.5

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.4.2

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.4.1

Chert Craft Gravel Replacement FML ML 1.3.2

Chert Craft Mod 1.0 OPTIONAL 1.2.5