Looking for someone to take over my Minecraft mods for 1.6+

Check out my sourcecode if you want to continue any of my mods.
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Current Minecraft Version Supported by Kinyoshi Mods
: 1.5.2

Game Modes Supported: SSP LAN (SMP COMING SOON)

MLMP = SDKs' ModloaderMP

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Just in case you wanted to know, I did not use any mod making program to make my mods, they were all coded manually and I provide bitly links which go to my dropbox account for easier downloading.

Please use this forum post for mod update reports, bug reports, comments, suggestions and any other feedback regarding my mods. I am not responsible for anything negative that happens to your saved games. Comments and feedback are appreciated. Comments and feedback are appreciated. Video reviews and showcase videos are welcome and will be posted. Also click the Reputation counter if you like my mods.

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My favorite vanilla world generation seeds are "dessert" without quotes. With the Default option you spawn next to a temple in a desert with a good amount of trees, this is how I test my desert mods. With the Large Biomes options you spawn on an island with a few trees, very fun playing this one in Hardcore.

(This config template is the same one that I use in my mods)
1.5.2 Compatible Config File Tutorial Template

If you get a "NumberFormatException" error, find the matching IDs from your mods configs and change them until it works.

Install my mods in your "mods" folder. They work with single player and may work on servers.
All use a config file in your "mods" folder for ID compatibility with other mods.

If you want to use my mods in a modpack, just let me know and link to me.

1.5.X mods are universal for both Risugamis' Modloader and Forge Modloader.
Previous versions have separate downloads for most, some had cross compatibility.

My mods work great with the Better World Generation Mod though only with Risugamis' Modloader. Because of the cross-compatibility (and how BWG in Forge generates ores) my mods do not generate ores when using BWG and Forge Modloader. Working on fixing this.

1.5.2 Added an SMP version of Flint Craft.

1.5.2 Added a patch that enable you to harvest Petrified Chert using Flint Crafts axes.

Updated Ancient Tree Root, Petrified Wood and Chert Crafts Screenshots, Smelting and Crafting Recipes.

1.5.1 and 1.5.2 Updates to Flint Craft to fix the Tempered Flint crafting issue.

1.5.2 Added new textures to Chert Crafts armor and a few tools.

1.5.2 Updated Flint Craft. Made the sharpener break a little less often and the add redstone fail is also less often.
Removed the "Empty" part of the empty flint sharpener name.

1.5.2 Added a different base class replacement for Gravel which makes it always drop a flint when mined.

1.5.2 compatibility issues fixed. Better cross mod ID compatibility with better default IDs. You can now run all of my mods together without changing IDs. New Config files, save your IDs.

Added Mod Item Soup Dos for 1.5.1 which overrides the stack amount for the bowl of soup item and is meant to replace the base class replacement.

Updated Flint Craft Mod to change redstone chunk recipe to nine redstone chunks to get one redstone.

Added Mod Dead Bush Dos for 1.5.1 which adds a cloned dead bush in the desert that drops sticks. This is to replace the base class replacement, but can be used along side it.

Updated Flint Craft Mod to 1.5.1 with permission from original mod author. Please comment about it on his forum post.

Updated Chert Craft Mod: 1.5.1r3 Adds a version checker, which is currently and intentionally set to be the wrong version so the message will show up on the screen, doing this just to test it out, will be corrected at some point.

Finally updated my I Don't Like Villages Mod to 1.5.1, which is a base class replacement for the village mapgen that changes a 'true' to a 'false' that prevents villages and villagers from spawning.

Updated Desert Grund Plant Mod: 1.5.1r2, it now has a top block that grows grass on the grund plant that can drop seeds, using a wooden hoe will always drop seeds.

Updated Ancient Tree Root Mod: 1.5.1r2 reduces the vein size amount but increases the chunk size and now spawns in sand. Also reduced the stick recipe to get one stick. Now you can use a wooden axe to get a chance to get some seeds. (Use your imagination on that last one, maybe the wooden axe causes them to burst out of the root?) Please delete your old config file, a new with the right name will be made. Copy your ID number if you changed it.

New Mod!!! Desert Petrified Wood, This mod will spawn petrified wood block in the desert and sometimes in dirt and stone. Breaking it will drop a few pieces of petrified wood from which you can craft an axe or a spear, which are a bit above iron specs. Putting the petrified wood in the furnace will carbonize it making it twice as good as coal.

Updated Chert Craft to 1.5.1r2 which contains new stone ores, a new glass, fix for old chert glass, glass panels now placeable and other minor fixes. Also changed the amounts of ore generated. Added armor and tools for one of the new cherts, added new spears. The config file you have may not work with this release, if you use the FML IDs, you will have to manually do them, for now.

If you get a "NumberFormatException" error, your config file is missing the new items, delete it and try again. If you already did that, then find the matching IDs from your mods configs and change them until it works.
Pictures for the new items coming soon.

Fellow minecraftforum.net member "calebmanley" and their help with a few things in my mods. Please check out their mods.

Fellow minecraftforum.net member "zatoichi" and their early feedback on the development on my mod Chert Craft. Would have probably not be where I am now, thank you.

The Minecraft Forum Mod List for listing my mods. Looking for mods? Check out the