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2/1/2010 The book section and art section have been updated.

1/17/2010 My "new" blog, facebook, twitter, and "new look", have all been added to this webpage, as well as updates in book section with regards to my manuscripts and a few added works from new "reads". "books pg"

12/29/2009 Hmpg has new links and pics                                                KIM'S BLOG

12/11/2009 has updates in the book section.

11/09/2009 Books and Journal sections have been update.

09/06/2009 Three great publishers in book section for sending your own wk to.

08/25/2009  great publishing outfit added to links and books pg.

8/16/2009 Angel Connection link added and books pg as well.

6/14/2009 Google is in the process of moving this site to their new webpages.  Sidebars and various other information have been hidden or deleted to give cleaner, easier look while in change-over.  Will refresh and update once move is completed.Thank you for visiting.

4/25/2009 Homepg as well as book pg have updates... 

03/29/2009 Personal Retreat added to home, health, and book section.

02/22/2009 Both the book and health pages have some interesting updates!

01/20/2009  Don't miss the copy of the inaugural invitation in journal page!

01/17/2009 hmpg & health regarding Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

01/11/2009  Lots of updates in almost all pages.  Books, heath page, hmpg, etc.

12/28/2008  Health Section  Your Face Never Lies

9/16/2008 Art page has movie update. 

In the "Health" section I have given a natural solution to taking vitamin D, especially for the aging folks who's doctors say they need to increase bone and muscle strength.  Besides adding a new link in "links to other sites", there is also a link within the "health"update.


The “Home Page” also has been updated.  I hope to have additions made to music and book section tomorrow.  Was able to make one addition to "book" section, JZ Knight's autobiography. (Check this one out, you won't be disappointed!)

  11/01/07  Two new cd's have been added to the "Art" page.  Links to sites for sound and information as well.  They are both favorites for stirring the soul.  Lastly, a short note under the Controversial Bookstore in "The Links to other Sites" page.

11/02/07  A couple of "FANTASTIC" books and pics were added to the sidebars of the "book" section.


11/03/07  Some updates in the book section.  A search engine added in "daily Journal (also tech help and link in this engine to join web-ring site for your web pages), Health, and Home Page. U-Tube feature added in the "food" page.  (Plays tunes)  New Link to Cee Cee James, songwriter/vocalist in links and art section. 


11/18/07  Few more books added to the "books" page. Also put a plug in for book on "health page" regarding caffeine and info. on inversion tables, tea and nasal remedy.




11/30/07 added Dr. Steve's link regarding his family Chiropractic Care facility.  The very best in what he does! 

12/01/07 "links" page also has Dr. Freer **** star dentist here in east county of S.D.  

12/22/2007 Some new links and addition to home page for holiday greeting.  


12/29/2007  Found an artist, Daniel B. Holeman, that I have decided to present throughout site.  Noticed on the One Heart Institute site.  His work is inspirational.  I believe I remember seeing some of his pieces in La Jolla and Laguna beach?  You will probably recognise some of his paintings as well.  Also the link, One Heart Institute, added to home page is a very special experience!


01/10/08 The Art page has an update regarding quilt making by Amy.


01/13/2008 A few more great reads added to book section!

2/02/2008 both the links section and homepage have updates.  Of course the Daily Journal is updated on an ongoing basis.

03/01/08 Updated art on "art page" and homepage has Easter greeting. 

03/06/08 updated "book" page

03/17/08 Link in Journal regarding St. Patrick

05/01/2008 Art pg, food, home, and journal pages all have updates!  

05/25/2008 Updates on the book page and daily journal

05/29/2008 New recipes for summer ideas on hmpg and foodpg.

06/29/2008 new links, new books, updated homepg, art, food, health .

07/09/2008 Books

07/21/2008 updates on homepg, books, food, health, art, journal pages 

07/26/2008 updates on journal page and homepage (plug for Batman and new science article)

12/13/2008  Wow!  was looking over past year or so and realize there have been many updates on all pages.  Also can see the entire site needs more house-cleaning, as well as my home!